Why is My Internet So Slow? /How To Increase Internet Speed

To increase internet speed understand , there are numerous factors that can affect your Internet speed. It could be problem associated with your WIFI signal,wireless interference, router or modem, configuration and other technical problems. How you can address your Internet issues will be detailed in this write up, all you need is to follow the troubleshooting procedure to fix the causes of your poor Internet connection.

internet speed

How To Improve Your Internet Speed

The first thing to do is to check your current Internet speed, you can achieve this by searching for SpeedTest.net. If you have a lowerrate,to Increase the speed of your Internet, the steps below is for you

Check And Reboot Your Router

check Your router or modem can be the reason you are having a slow Internet connection.  See if the MTU of your router is set properly, if not it could have performance issues, make sure your router settings tarries with your Internet service recommendations. Try to reboot your router, it might be stuck in an overloaded state. after rebooting check if your Internet speed increases

Scan For viruses On Your computer

Most cases virus can get stuck in your system, thereby generatingnetwork traffic and slowing down your Internet speed. Justkeep her anti-virus software running to make sure virus is not responsible for your slow Internet

Avoid Signal Interference To Improve internet speed

problem in your internet speed might not come from your Internet, it can come from the WIFI that connects you to the Internet. The air waves could be jam-packed with lots of nearby devices, You can change your router position fora better performance

Check Coaxial Splitters

You have a Coaxial Splitters cable connecting to your Internet, this can cause your signal strength to go down which leads to slow Internet. you can Disconnect the Splitters on your cable line and see how your Internet connection performs

Regular Update Of Software and Firmware

Keep up-to-date your router software, simply follow your router brand instructions to update  you can as well update your system desktop version and it’s operating system

change DNS Server To Increase Internet Speed

change to a different DNS server, there is 80% assurance your network connection can speed up .

Prevent All Background programs that Hog Bandwidth

There are software applications that runs within the background minimized to the computer tray, thereby quietly sucking network and making it run slow.  You need to check your system whenyour Internet strength decreases in other to know if you have programs running in your background.

Contact Your Internet Service Provider

The reason for having a slow Internet connection might be from your Internet service provider (ISP) , they might have changed the network configuration which in turns cause your Internet connection perform slowly. You are free to give them a call it’s their duty to provide a stable connection.

Check For External Interference

If you have electronic device around your modem, you have to make sure they are not causing electromagnetic interference, you can shift your modem from the electronic devices and see if your Internet connection  will speed up.


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