Credit card theft and fraud is becoming more on the increase especially if you use your card at public places, or you’re use your credit card for travel to earn points and miles. Try to protect your credit card information extra safe. Always be on guard for scammers who may trick you into giving out your credit card details. To protect your credit card observed theses details;

Protect Your Credit Card

Do not give out your Credit Card information.

 Always be on the look out, and never give out your credit card number to anyone who calls you requesting for your card number. Theft poses has credit card issuers to trick persons on giving out their credit card number. Also only give out your credit card number on calls you initiate.

Don’t sign Blank Credit Card Receipts.

 Always ensure that you verify any amount on your credit card receipt before signing it. If you have credit card receipt that has blank spaces on it, write $0 in those spaces or draw lines through it before putting your signature on the card.

Do not toss your credit card billing statements 

Do not always throw your billing statement into a trash without shredding them away, tearing them into pieces and throw them into trash bags. This applies to an old credit card that has expired or have been canceled.

Keep your credit card safe. 

Always ensure that your credit card is safe and secure in your purse or wallet close away from snatcher. If shopping in a high traffic area go with a convenient bag and always avoid coming out with all your credit and debit cards. Thieves also take pictures of your credit card with a camera or cell phone, so don’t leave your credit card exposed any longer. Always return your credit card immediately after purchase at restaurants, store.

Credit card online security. 

Do not click on any email links from anyone that look like a bank, credit card company, or other business that uses your personal information, though it may look legitimate. Most of these links are often phishing scams and the scammers want to trick you into entering your login information on their fake Web page, rather visit the business site directly.

Endeavor to Report Lost or Stolen Credit Cards. 

Report your card lost or when it’s stolen immediately. The sooner you report your missing credit card, this will enable the card issuers to cancel your credit card and prevent any fraudulent activities. This will not prevent you from being charges for any fraudulent charges made on your credit card. Always have the credit card customer service number handy so sa to reach out to them immediately to make your report.

Always review your building statements each month.

 This will enable you to detect any unauthorized charges, no matte how small, report such charges to your credit card issuers immediately.

Use a strong password and keep them safe. 

Your credit card number that you save for example on your Amazon so has to make a one time click purchases. Ensure that your password has a combination of upper and lower case characters, numbers and even characters. Therefore avoid writing or sharing if your password.

Tampered ATMs. 

ATMs are now tempered upon to get people information. Watch out for a ill-fitted keypads on ATMs, which may be place on top of the official keypad to skim your pin details. Credit card skimmers can also be fitted to the card slot itself, always watch out, look out for any additional cameras that are pointed at the ATM. This cameras can capture your pin number. 

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