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12 Things that makes Gohenry Visa Card Great Choice ?

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gohenry Visa Card is a smart card, issued by ING Financial Services. This card, offers an easy and fun way to pay allowance and solution for managing your child’s money. The card is designed for children between the ages of 6-18 years of age, with parental control which helps them manage their pocket money. 

Gohenry Visa Card

What makes Gohenry Visa Card stand out amongst the rest? 

  • Parent/child can easily block and unblock  the card without a phone call 
  • Carries no debt, no overdraft, no expensive mistakes 
  • You can set rules and limits to control your card 
  • The card only takes minutes to set up and lasts a lifetime 
  • Gohenry Visa Card can be used everywhere Visa is accepted 
  • The card can be managed entirely by the parent and tailored to each child 
  • Works both at home and abroad 
  • Offers immediate and clear reasons for declined spending where your rules were broken 
  • Keeps you updated on how much your child has to spend 
  • Monitor your child/children weekly earning, saving and spending in graphical easy-to-use educational formats 
  • Cardholders, can create savings goals, and allow gohenry automatically save towards them 
  • Offers earnings, as you complete weekly and one-off tasks. 

gohenry, also has an app, which helps you monitor your children’s spending better. Here’s how the Gohenry app works;

gohenry App Benefits 

  • Enables you set up pocket money transfers, and make one-off payments to your children 
  • Tasks, can be set up, to enable your children earn more using the card 
  • Your relatives, can be invited to contribute to your children’s savings 
  • Set up single and weekly spending limits 
  • Offers you the freedom of deciding where each card can be used: in shops, on-line or at cash machines 
  • Block and unblock cards instantly whenever you wish without a phone call 
  • You can view how your child spends in real time. 

How much does Gohenry card cost? 

  • Monthly Membership Fee per Child – £2.99
  • Loading Money to Your Parent Account (From your bank account)  – 50p

(From your debit card) – 50p

  • goHenry Visa Card Purchases in the UK – FREE 
  • goHenry Visa Card Purchases Abroad – 2.75%
  • Money Withdrawals (From an ATM in the UK)  – FREE 

(From an ATM Abroad) – £2

  • Standard Transfer to Your Bank Account – £5
  • Closing Your Card – FREE 
  • Replacement Card Fee – £3.99

 How do I sign up for Gohenry card? 

  • You can sign up by visiting https://www.gohenry.co.uk
  • Complete the first step as a parent by providing your details. This includes; Your email address, Confirm email address, Your title, Your first name, Your last name, Your mobile number, Create a password, and Promocode. 
  • Tap on the “Continue” link. 
  • In the second phase of the application, you are to provide your children’s details 
  • The third step is about your security info 
  • Finally you are to choose your card design. 

After signing up for a gohenry card, how long should I wait for the card? 

Your child’s gohenry card(s) should arrive within 7 days of creating an account online. If you don’t receive the card(s) within 9 working days, then they may be lost in the post or delayed for some other reason. If this is the case, then you are to contact gohenry Member Services team on 0330 100 7676

How do I activate the card? 

To activate your card, log into your account, and get given further instructions on how to activate your card. 

What do I need to do the first time my child wants to make a payment? 

The first transaction is made using the Chip & PIN function, thereafter, the card can be used contactlessly wherever there is a contactless card reader. 

Before attempting your first transaction, you are advised to clean the chip, as the chip might be occasionally obscured by the glue used to stick it to the carrier letter. 

If your child’s contactless transactions hasn’t worked, despite having already made a successful chip and PIN purchase, you are advised to contact Gohenry Member Services team on 0330 100 7676

How do I deactivate my child’s Gohenry card? 

If your child has lost their Gohenry card, you or your child, can instantly block the card in your parent account, once you are ready, you can use a few simple steps. 

How to deactivate on the website 

  • Sign into your gohenry parent account 
  • Tap into your child’s account and choose “Card”
  • Tap “Block” under the picture of the card and confirm when prompted 
  • Immediately you locate the card, you can reverse this process by tapping “Unblock”. 

How to deactivate on the mobile app 

  • Sign in, and tap “Cards” at the bottom of the page 
  • Choose the correct child’s account. Tap “Block” under the picture of the card and confirm when prompted 

Your child can also block their card using the same method if they need to. 

My child’s gohenry card has been stolen. How do I replace it? 

If your child’s card has been stolen, you are to block the card immediately via the mobile app or website to prevent it from being used fraudulently. Immediately the card is blocked, you are to contact gohenry Member Services team on 0330 100 7676 where you will get the card replacement, and also offered any necessary extra support. 

How do I check my gohenry parent balance? 

To check your gohenry parent balance, sign into your parent account on the website or mobile app. You’ll see your parent balance displayed at the top of the home screen. 

How do I check my child’s gohenry balance? 

You can check your child’s gohenry balance, by logging into your parent account via your website or mobile app. You’ll see your child’s balance listed below your parent balance. The amount displayed, is what your child has available for spending, and excludes any savings goals. To view a breakdown of your child’s available to spend, pending funds and saving goals, tap on their name to pop up their “Summary” page. 

Can gohenry card be used online? 

Presently, your gohenry card is not eligible for use with Apple Pay. However, you can use your card online, on the high streets and in ATM cash machines. 

gohenry Visa Card Customer Service Number 

For further inquiries on the Gohenry Visa Card, call 0330 100 7676. 

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