13+ Best Anime Websites to Watch Anime Online in HD

Here I would be giving you 13+ Best Anime Websites to Watch Anime Online in HD. Over the years, Anime popularity has increased over the past few decades. It is equally as popular in the West as it is over in the East. Anime is simply the Japanese term for animation.

Best Anime Websites to Watch Anime Online in HD

In other parts of the world outside happen, anime is recognized for its colorful graphics, vibrant colors, and great themes. Currently, you can get anime from almost anywhere, online, streaming services, and more.

People adore the way that almost every subject is covered in depth in anime. They have romantic comedies, comedies, and highly acclaimed thrillers. Suspense, plot twists, cliffhangers, and basically anything else that keeps the audience guessing are a specialty of anime. So, it’s easy to see why Amines are so popular everywhere.

Make Use of a VPN When Watching Anime Online

You would be aware that the legal status of an online streaming website is questionable at best. What actually worsens the situation is that a lot of Anime shows are not licensed outside of Japan. So, to get the best anime, you would really need a VPN to get yourself a Japanese IP address in other to stream Anime on Japanese websites.

You Should be able to get yourself a VPN by heading over to the NordVPN website, signing up then selecting a plan that you can pay for. After selecting a payment method, download the VPN and launch it. Make sure to set a Secure VPN connection to a Japanese NordVN server. And that is it. You can also get other great VPNs too if NordVPN Plans do not work for you.

13+ Best Anime Websites to Watch Anime Online in HD

For all the Anime Lovers out there, I have put together 13+ Best Anime Websites to Watch Anime Online in HD. So, if you have been having issues with locating a streaming platform, then all your issues should be settled in this content:


Netflix is at the top of this list seeing as it is one of the best anime streaming sites available online currently. Be that as it may, you realize Netflix is definitely not a free platform. It has incredible features and is completely legal. It has an enormous movie and anime collection for you to choose from.


Hulu is a novel name for an Anime site. In any case, it is not difficult to recall and articulate. HD-quality anime movies and series from various genres are available on this website. In addition to anime series, this website offers a wider range of content, including Hulu original films, sitcoms, and movies.

Yahoo View

Yahoo View offers anime entirely for free, so you can watch the one of your choosing at a free cost. This site offers a really big variety of anime series as well as anime movies. The video quality is usually quite great. TV shows are well placed into categories and different genres to select very well.


The site is also offering some great anime series and movies, but this website also is quite popular for offering simple movies or non-anime movies. It has a really great collection of anime series and anime movies, but the content is not the latest and is quite old. This site is great for beginners making use of anime streaming sites.


A lot of users watching anime should be familiar with this site. Sony is the owner of this site, and the offers some decent content for free. The amount of anime series is less in this site, but the offer great quality.


The Website turns out to be one of the best streaming platforms online to stream anime. Nearly all of your favorite Anime series would be available here. This makes the website one of the top-most used anime websites. Seeing as it is a Japanese website, the audio would not be in English, But almost all the episodes are English subbed.


Another excellent anime website is KissAnime.ru. There is no cost to use this site. To access any content, you do not need to apply for a premium membership. It has a high-quality server that responds quickly and effectively.

Tubi TV

A selection of anime, movies, and television shows can be found on this viral website. The videos on this website are much better quality than those on the majority of other anime websites. despite the fact that its anime collection is small. They don’t offer a few notable or well-known anime, however, the shows given are still great.


Crunchyroll is an authorized platform for Anime streaming. It offers a premium membership that unlocks a wider range of content, but you can still enjoy numerous episodes for free. However, the free option comes with a trade-off in video quality, limited to a maximum of 480p.


JustDubs is a highly popular online Anime platform that allows you to freely watch the latest Anime TV series and movies. What sets it apart is the additional option to download your preferred Anime content at no cost. You’ll discover a diverse selection of Anime genres available, ranging from horror and drama to comedy, romance, thriller, and more.


With a really large database, you should be able to find all types of Anime series right on AnimeBam. This site is great for beginners as it has been properly sorted due to its great interface and it carries a wide availability and option for different genres of Anime.


Right on GoGoAnime, you would be able to watch your favorite anime online entirely for free. What makes this site great is that it has over seven different services to select from. This offers users many options and makes the streaming experience a lot better. This site also offers an option to download the whole episode if you choose to remain on the default server with the name VIDSTREAMING.


Anime-planet turns out to be one of the most popular Anime websites available for providing a large variety of Anime movies. This turns out to be one of the best Anime streaming sites based on its partnerships with some widely used video streaming sites, and that is why Anime-Planet also is a legal website.


AnimeFreak site is a great site for anime streaming because of its daily updates about new anime series and manga comics. This site seems more like a personal blog seeing as it contains tons of details. It is very informative.


Ani.me is a great new anime website available on the internet. What makes it really great is that this site has all the U.S Licensed anime movies. Also, it contains some new great series. The site is pretty great when it comes to its design.

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