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Drop-down menu

Drop-down menu In Google Sheets/ How to Create One

Drop-down menu is a list box that appears When a button is clicked, that enables users to select from the options presented....
Everence MyNeighbor MasterCard

Everence MyNeighbor MasterCard|My Card, My Cause

Everence MyNeighbor MasterCard is a card that makes statement, bringing solutions that aligns with your needs as well as your values, with...
Database in Access

Database In Access/ How do I Create One

Database In Access is simply an organized collection of information or data for quick access. Creating one is not difficult, follow the...

Bank Without The Fees With Bluebird Card

Bluebird Card, is a prepaid card, that cut fees, and offers banking and shopping features, that beats other competitors. This Card helps...
Gantt chart

Gantt Chart in Microsoft Excel/How Do i Create?

Gantt Chart is one of the components of Excel, it’s a horizontal bar chart that illustrates a project schedule from the starts...
credit card is it active

Credit Card Is It Active? Steps To Find Out

Credit Card Is It Active? Steps To Find Out. Using your credit card for purchases and other transactions, it must be open,...
Pivot table

Pivot Table in Google Sheet/How To Create?

Pivot Table is one of the basic features of Excel that calculate and summarizes data .With this Pivot table you will be...
Unused Credit Card

Unused Credit Card/ How Do I Close It Find Out?

Unused Credit Card, how do I close it Find Out? It is pertinent questions to ask, especially if the Credit card has...