AARP Visa Credit Card has several Cashback rewards for every member on purchases made with this card, and there is no limitation attached to the Cashback rewards .  This card is offered by Chase Bank, US,NA.

AARP Visa Credit Card

Benefits Of AARP Visa Credit Card 

  • Card members gets 3% rebate on purchases made at restaurants 
  • For every gas station purchases members are entitled to 3% discount 
  • Receives 1% reduction for each dollar spent on other purchase 
  • Cardholders gains not less than $100 extra rewards on qualified spend of about $500 within the first three months of account opening 
  • Points earned can be redeemed for gift cards, cash and travel as well 
  • Enjoys adequate purchase and return Security 
  • Gets fraud alerts to enable members know what’s going on in their account .

Rates And Fees Of  AARP Visa Credit Card 

  • Annual percentage Rate for purchases – 18.49%to 25.24%
  • Balance Transfer APR – 18.49%to 25.24%
  • Cash Advance APR – 27.24%
  • Minimum Interest charge – N/A 
  • Annual membership fee – $0
  • Balance Transfer Fee – $5 or 3%
  • Cash Advance fee – $10 or 5%
  • Foreign transaction fee – 3%
  • Late payment fee – $15 or $35
  • Returned payment Fee – $35

Requirements For AARP Visa Credit Card 

  • Applicant should be at the age of majority in your state 
  • Should be AARP member 
  • Must be a permanent resident of US 
  • Should have a valid government issued photo ID 

How To Apply For AARP Visa Credit Card 

  • Progress to  
  • Click on “Apply Now” link 
  • Fill the form with your name, mailing address, city, state, ZIP code and your AARP membership number 
  • Tap on “continue ” Widget 

How To Activate Your AARP Visa Credit Card 

Register your card to be able to activate your new  Credit Card, follow these mediums to enroll :

  • Visit account login page 
  • Tap on “not Enrolled” tab 
  • Key in your account number and SSN 
  • Press on “Next” Widget  to proceed with your card activation 

How To Login To Your AARP Visa Credit Card 

  • Proceed to 
  • Press on “log in now” Widget On the left top of the screen 
  • On the next page navigate to the right side of the page and tap on “log in now” box 
  • Fill in your corresponding Username and password 
  • Tap on “sign” link 

How To Recover Forgotten AARP Visa Credit Card Username and password 

  • Go to the Login page 
  • Click on “Forgot User ID/password” button 
  • Enter your SSN or TIN and your credit card account number 
  • Press on “Next” link 

How To Make Bill Payment With Your AARP Visa Credit Card 

Online bill payment – sign in to your credit card account and make your payments 

Chase mobile app –  download chase mobile app on your phone and make your payment 

Automated phone Service : Call at 1 800 283 1211  to make your payment 

In-store : Locate the nearest chase branch and make your payment 

AARP Visa Credit Card Customer service 

Forfurther information and assistance you can dial at :1 1 800 283 1211 

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