Ad-Free Twitch Turbo Subscriptions Are Getting Price Hikes Worldwide

Ad-Free Twitch Turbo Subscriptions Are Getting Price Hikes Worldwide. In a similar way that YouTube Premium and Spotify Premium Let users avoid advertisements by making payment for a subscription, Twitch has a paid plan that gets rid of ads on streams and the price just got a huge spike.

Ad-Free Twitch Turbo Subscriptions Are Getting Price Hikes Worldwide

The company introduced Twitch Turbo in 2013, and for $8.99 per month, the company has introduced Twitch turbo in 2013, and for $8.99 month, users had the luxury of evading pre-roll ads, mid-clips ads, and companion and display ads without hampering the broadcaster’s income stream.

Ad-Free Twitch Turbo Subscriptions Are Getting Price Hikes Worldwide

On May 25, Twitch raised the price for it carries ad-free service globally. In the U.S., the price has gone up from around $8.99 per month to $11.99 per month, while the folks that are in Canada would have to shell out CAD $13.99 on a monthly basis.

The whole revised price catalog for different country available on this support page. If your country is not on that list, the monthly fee default to the United States of $11.99 per month.

What You Get with Twitch Turbo

As well as offering a vivid, promotion-free watching experience, Jerk Super likewise serves a small bunch of different advantages. As a first step, subscribers can proudly display their support for their favorite Twitch creators by receiving an exclusive chat badge that resembles a battery icon and contains a lightning logo. Similar to how you receive custom emotes after joining the Twitch Prime club, you will also receive a set of exclusive emotes as a reward.

Twitch Turbo members would also be given the flexibility to change the chat color and priority access to customer support. If you happen to be a streamer with a Turbo subscription, your previous broadcasts would save around 60 days.


For a non-paying Twitch user, Past streams are only saved for around seven days, while the members of Twitch’s Affiliate program get their broadcasts saved for 14 days. Notably, you can’t purchase or gift a Twitch Turbo subscription; the best you can do is buy a Twitch gift card to be used toward a purchase.

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