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Adobe Sign in – Sign in to Adobe with Email, Google, Facebook, and Apple

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Adobe Sign in platform gives you quick access or enables you to create an account. There are multiple ways you can use use the sign in such as email, google, Facebook and Apple. In this article, you will learn how to sign in to Adobe using the above medium.

Adobe sign in

Adobe Sign in

Adobe is an American multinational company software. It deals we used for creating multimedia and creativity software. This is the best software for creating, marketing and managing documents.  Sign in and behold to perform a whole lot of action on the platform anywhere. Adobe offers free creative iCloud For students.

How to Sign in with Email

To access the platform with your email address kindly, move to the main page by search forwww.adobe.com/sea   online or your browser.

When you get to the main page, go to the upper right corner of the page and hit on the sign inbox.

On the log page section, you will see an empty field that request for your email, go ahead and provide your email. Tap on the continue button, for you to locate the password page. And then follow the guide on screen.

How to Access Adobe with Google Account

With your Google account, you will be able to sign in to Adobe. Go to their official page, tap on the sign-in button located above the page.

On the sign-in screen, you will see field requesting for an email, kindly skip it. Scroll down a little you will see the tab the says “continue with Google” hit on that tab. And then follow the guidelines on the screen.

Adobe Sign in with Facebook

Visit the Adobe website at www.adobe.com/sea . Then find the sign-in button. The sign-in button should be at the top right side of the page, click on it when you locate it. Thus, on the next page, move down and tap on the “continue with Facebook” button This will let, Facebook share your account detail with adobe.

How to Sign in with Apple

Go to their official Web page and tap on the sign-in button. It will take you to the sign-in page.  On this page, you will see different options for signing in. Scroll to the last option on the page and click on the “continue with Apple” button. Follow in further instructions that come up and you will successfully access your account.

Reset your Password

To reset your email password, go to the sign-in page enter your email address and continue. When you get to the page where you need to provide your password, simply find the “forgot password” link and click on it. Then follow the prompt to reset it.

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