Affiliate marketing Apps/Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing Apps? These are applications designed for affiliate marketers to make money. The affiliate app is designed to make things quick and easy for users. So I will be showing you interesting affiliate marketing apps in this write-up.

affiliate marketing apps

Affiliate marketing 

Before going into the key focus of this article, is good to describe what affiliate marketing is all about. Affiliate marketing is a way of helping a company promote their businesses and then get a commission for it. So when you make sales for the company you will receive payment for it.

List of Affiliate marketing Apps

  • Ebates
  • Chime
  • Cash app
  • Ibotta
  • Rewardable


Ebates is a well-known Cashback website and phone app. Thus, they aim at is to make every spender smart buyers. However, they offer outstanding services that enable individuals to save cash with cashback and coupons in online shops. How does this app work?  When you refer someone to Ebates and the person purchase something worth $25, then you are entitled to 10 US dollars. So you earn your pay when you’re the person makes purchases.


This app is just like a bank account that helps users save money. On this platform, there’s nothing like a service fee transfer fee, etc. With this people can be able to save cash. It also comes with an automatic saving feature which makes it easier for users.

However, with the mobile app, you can invite your friends on social media platforms. How does it work?  When the person you invited creates an account and sign up for payroll direct deposit of 200 dollars and above within 45 days,  you will earn $50.

Cash app

Cash app is a mobile payment application that enables users to send money to one another. You don’t get charged for debit card and the amazing part is that you can use it at ATM.

How it works –  you and your referral get an amazing discount at your favorite merchants.  So you two to get 5 dollars, your referral needs to transfer 5 dollars to another person using a newly linked debit card in 14 days.


Ibottais a free app that offers users Cashback on daily shopping both online and in stores. With this cashback feature, users can save money. So for you to earn up to $5 dollars, you must invite your friend to sign-up using referral code.

how it works – On this platform you can share your referral code on the social platform like Facebook, twitter. You get money, depending on the number of a friend that signs up with your referral code.

Rewardable – Affiliate marketing app

Rewardable is a free app that enables you to get money fast with your Android phone. So users earn money as they make purchases. You can also earn cash by watching videos, answering surveys and exploring offers.


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