Amazon Business Account Create

Amazon Business Account Create is the act of creating an account on the popular online general marketplace where you can buy and sell goods.

Amazon Business Account Create Tips

Before you go ahead to create an Amazon Business Account, you are advised to have the following;  a credit card that can be charged internationally, your banking details, such as your routing and account numbers, and tax identification information, either for yourself or your business.

Amazon Business Account Create Steps

Navigate to the bottom of the page and find the list title “Make Money with Us”. Thereafter, tap on “Sell On Amazon”, it will navigate you to another page.

Enter the “Seller Central” side of Amazon.

Next, you are to create an account. If you already a member of Amazon Prime, you only need to log into your account using the link underneath.

If you want to separate your business and personal emails, you may need to use a different email than the one linked with your Amazon Prime account. Since you’re setting up your FBA business using this login you’ll start receiving emails about your orders and other business transactions.

If you don’t have a business email before now, and would prefer to keep things separate, you can set up a Gmail account for your business before you sign into Amazon.

After creating your account or signing in with an existing account, you’ll be prompted to key in your legal name.

Step 2

If you are setting up your seller account as an individual, you can use your name tax identification information.

Immediately you enter this information, Amazon will prompt you for your business address. On this page also, you’ll fill in the unique display name for your business which everyone on Amazon will see. Amazon will let you know if the name has already been taken.

Thereafter, Amazon will ask for a billing method, you are to provide an internationally recognized credit card and banking details.

Immediately you get on this page, your selling plan of choice will be verified.

Then Key in your tax identification information in a “tax interview”.

During the tax interview, you are to choose whether you are a sole proprietor or a business. The difference here is that the sole proprietors/individuals will use their Social Security Number in place of an Employer Identification Number as their tax identification number.

Amazon validates and offers you a a W-9 form after you’ve submitted your information.

Lastly, provide general information about your products (optional).


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