Amazon Business Account Prime

Amazon Business Account Prime is a different program designed especially for businesses that are available only on Amazon Business. It gives business-specific features and benefits that are reliable and suitable for a single membership to all users on the business account.

Also, it also offers unique features exclusively designed for organizations, entrepreneurs and new starters, such as multi-user accounts and quality discounts.

Amazon Business Account Prime

However, it gives registered businesses a streamlined procurement experience. It providing access to business products such as IT and lab equipment, education and foodservice supplies at special pricing with quantity discounts. All users can subscribe to Amazon Business Account Prime to unlock other extra benefits, which includes free same-day or two-day shipping on eligible items.

Features of Amazon Business Account Prime

  • Free, fast business shipping on all eligible items,
  • Ability to guide your users to a certain selection,
  • Visibility analysis into your company’s spending pattern in order to help organize on budgeting decisions and buying policies.
  • 5% back or 90 Day terms to pay interest-free on U.s purchase at AmazonBusiness. Terms apply.
  • Makes policies that guide employees in approving products and to also prevent procurement violations
  • Get 45-60 day payment terms for payment with the invoice.
  • Access to Member-only offers. To get access to deals and offers strictly for Business Prime members.

Amazon Business Account Prime Locations

Amazon Business Prime is only available in only eight Countries But AmazonBusiness Prime is only available in the U. S, Germany and Japan.

Amazon Business Account Prime Cost

The price for Business Prime is based on the number of users each Amazon Business Account:

  • Essential: $179 per year up for about three users
  • Small: $499 per year with up to 10 users
  • Medium: $1.299 per year for over 100 users
  • Enterprise: $10, 099 per year for over 100 users
  • Public Sector: $3.499 a year for over 100 users.

However, immediately you figure out the plan that suite clicks here and tap on the 30-day free trial icon.

Steps on How to Create a Free Business Account

Also, to register your business on Amazon, you need to create a business account. Or convert your already existing personal account on Amazon to a business account. Note that, to create a business account on Amazon you must have a valid GST number, certificate, etc.

  • At
  • Click on “create a free business account
  • On the next page, key in your business email address
  • Then, click on the “submit” Account
  • Next, key in your email address and Password
  • Click on the “Sign in” button
  • Click on the “Send OTP” button to receive a One Time Password.
  • Then follow the next command to complete your registration.

Document Required for Registration of Business Account

  • Cheque with the printed business name or with a stamp that shows the business name
  • Business Card – The business name should be present on the card
  • ‘Proof of Employment’ Letter from the company –it should contain the company name and address.
  • Payslip containing the name of the company
  • GST certificate of business
  • Certificate of incorporation of business
  • Business plan
  • Partnership Deed
  • Any notarized document that mentions the business name

Amazon Business Account Prime Login

Moreover, to enable you to carry out your business transactions effectively in the Amazon platform, you must log in to your business account. Here are the steps:

  • At
  • Scroll down to “Sign in to Amazon Business” button
  • Key in your Email (phone for mobile accounts)
  • And key in your Password
  • Then, click on the “sign-in” button


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