Amazon Business Account Requirements

Amazon Business Account Requirements are information individuals needs to provide in other to create a business account on Amazon. Amazon Business Account is simply a specific account designed for business. However it comes with special offers and features which includes, more than one user accounts, business only pricing, ability to compare prices, purchase approval workflows, customize searching of business type, massive discounts, purchasing feed-back etc.

amazon business requirements
amazon business requirements

So with the above benefits and features, you see that this program is embedded with the solution that is capable of meeting the needs of all businesses. So in this article you will get the necessary information you will provide to setup a business account.

Major Amazon Business Account Requirements

To own an Amazon Business Account, there are information you will need to provide to be able to create one. So amazon business account requirements are as follows,

  • Private information
  • Business details
  • GST information

Amazon Business Account Requires Your private info

When we talk about private info, I mean individuals email address and password, first name and last name. So have it at the back of your mind that you will be prompted to fill in your full name during the process.

Requires Your Business details

Below are information you’ll need to enter in the account creating form.

Business name: You are to provide the name given to your business. Make sure the name appears the same way it shows on your GST certificate.

Business phone contact : the correct phone number you’re using for your business.

Type of business: You are to choose the type of business you are setting up for instance, a private limited company, partnership or public limited company.

Select Industry : it can be financial Services, technology, healthcare etc.

Business address: as you Key in your business address ensure it tarries with the address on your GST registration cert. And then enter address line, pincode, city and state. Note, the second address line is optional. You can skip it if you want.

Amazon Business Account Requires GST information

To Create Amazon Business Account you need Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) . Note, the GST number you will key in must be the number of the state you chose earlier.


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