Amazon Drive Cloud – Amazon Drive.

Amazon Drive is previously known as Amazon Cloud Drive. Amazon Drive is a safe online storages service for all your videos, files back up and photos printing. Each Amazon customer gets up to 5GB free storage. With your Amazon account, you access all your files on the desktop, browser, tablets, and mobile phones. Also, you can save, organized, and share your files. In case, you desire more storage, Amazon Drive offers a selection of storage plans annually. You can view all the available storage plans and prices with the Manage storage page.

Amazon Drive Download

This app can be downloaded straight to the device you are using. The Amazon Drive app download to your device will enable you to access files. Just follow the steps listed below.

  • Connect your device to the Internet
  • Using any browser if your choice
  • Get to Google Play Store or any app store of your choice
  • Search for Amazon Drive and when found click on it
  • Download and install to your device.

Amazon Drive Sign In

Having this app install into your device is not the last thing to do. To enjoy this app you must create and sign in to your Amazon account. So as to access your Amazon Drive features.

Steps to sign in to Amazon Drive.

  • Get to
  • You will see the sign in promoting you to “Sign In”
  • Key in your Email address or Phone for mobile account and password.
  • Click on “Sign In” button

How To Install Amazon Drive

  • Go to Amazon drive
  • Click on the “Manage Storage” link
  • Click Download your content with the Desktop App and select “Get the app” link
  • Then follow the on-screen instructions

How to Download files using Amazon Drive Desktop

  • Go to Amazon Drive for the desktop in your computer’s Taskbar (Pc) or menu bar (Mac)
  • Click on the upload icon
  • Click on the Downloads button
  • Tap on the “Select folders” button
  • Choose a destination folder
  • And click on the “Download to any destination chosen.

How Does Amazon Cloud Drive Work?

Amazon Cloud Drive works when you sync the app. Create an “Amazon Drive” Folder on your computer. Using drag-and-drop, you then upload files to Amazon photos or download from the Amazon photos to your computer without opening the website.

In conclusion, Amazon Drive has improved when compared to the earlier versions. Its name has changed from Amazon Drive Cloud to Amazon Drive. Also, there’s was no sync client, now they have the same sync-folder model popularized by Dropbox. Although there are still more features to be added.


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