Apple watch stuck on Apple logo/ Best ways to fix it

Apple watch stuck on Apple logo is usually caused by hardware or software. If you encounter this problem with your watch and you don’t know how to go about it, there’s nothing to worry about, you will learn how to fix your watch flashing Apple logo.

Apple watch stuck on Apple logo

Causes Of Apple Watch stuck on Apple logo

It can be caused by software or hardware as stated above.  It can be caused by water damage, broken screen and some other factors.

Ways to fix Apple watch stuck on Apple logo

Most times your Apple watch stuck on Apple logo because of software conflicts below are steps to take to get it fix

Hard Reset your Watch

  • Hold on the digital crown and the side button together for few seconds
  • When you the Apple logo appears on the watch screen, let go of the  buttons, then wait to see if hard resetting solved the problem

Disable Voice over and Screen curtain Mode After hard reset

After hard reset,your watch keeps flashing Apple logo, try the following method

  • Tap on your watch digital crown and side buttons at the same time
  • Hold on the digital crown and side buttons again for 10 seconds or thereabout
  • You can now use the voice command, by telling Siri “turn off voice over”
  • You can now confirm it

The second way of switching off screen curtain & voice over

  • Make sure you pair your watch with you iPhone
  • Go to your iPhone and then Locate the watch app
  • Click on the “general” widget
  • Tap on “Accessibility” tab from the menu
  • Toggle voice over and Screen curtain Off.  When you are done check if the issue is resolved

Fix, Using Find My Apple Watch

With Your iPhone you can access the Apple watch when you pair them and then be able to use the find my Apple watch feature

  • On your iPhone, Open the watch app
  • Click on “My watch” widget
  • Move to the top and select your watch name.
  • Tap on the “info” icon represented with a “circle” that has an “I” inside
  • Press on “find my apple watch” tab, and then login with your ID
  • From the life of device Select “your watch”
  • Click on “Actions”, then select “play sound” widget.  You might need to tap more on the “play sound” depending

Update watchOS

If the above fixes did not fix it, try to upgrade your watch OS to the latest version. Here are the steps

  • Pair your watch to your iPhone
  • Launch the watch app on your iPhone
  • Navigate and click on “software update” button
  • Tap to “download the OS”
  • Key in your passcode

Factory Reset Apple Watch stuck on Apple logo

Your paired watch data is automatically backed on the iCloud if you there’s an existing backup on your iPhone.  When you factory reset your watch it brings it back to its early stage. Note this method clears setting and all problems that causes your watch to stuck on Apple logo. Take the following steps appropriately to perform this reset and get you watch to work well

  • Move to your Apple watch
  • Tap on the “general” tab
  • Click on “Reset” button
  • From the options  Select “Erase All content and settings” link
  • Enter your Apple passcode, If you are prompted to do so
  • Press on “Erase All” button to confirm to the task and then wait for a while, for your watch to restart
  • Pair your watch again to your iPhone


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