ASEGO Global Travel Insurance – Filing for ASEGO Insurance Claims 

If you are planning an international trip, whether for leisure or business reasons, you have to also pan for things that are inevitably in the course of your preparation. Don’t let travel insurance often become an afterthought until issues arise mid-way. Don’t let overlooked coverage gaps spoil your overseas adventures.

ASEGO Global Travel Insurance

This article will explore ASEGO Global Travel Insurance policies as a dependable option protecting you financially against various travel disruptions. Read on for insights to help you determine if their plans make any sensible safeguards for your specific needs.

Understanding the ASEGO Global Travel Insurance

This firm is known to be established in 2021. The ASEGO offers travel insurance products exclusively designed for customers exploring international destinations for either holidays or professional reasons. So, their niche focus gives them sharp understanding of risks frequent flyers face from potential medical exigencies, flight delays, lost documents or bags, and other hassles while abroad.

ASEGO policies promise protection via extensive coverage inclusions described next against such travel disruptions – with claims assistance available 24/7 worldwide. We’ll fully analyze their offerings’ pros, cons, fine print, and more to equip your voyage planning.

Key Coverage Inclusions in ASEGO Travel Plans

So, what exactly does an ASEGO travel policy shield you against financially during overseas trips? Broadly, their typical plans cover:

#1. Overseas Medical Emergencies

Policies include substantial coverage for hospitalization costs, ambulances, doctor consultations, and prescribed medications if falling ill unexpectedly abroad. For life-threatening issues, even emergency medical evacuations back home using air ambulances are arranged and funded up to stated limits. Certain dental and physiotherapy expenses are also claimable.

#2. Personal Accident Compensation

In case of permanent disabilities or even death due to accidents overseas, travel companions qualify for monetary payouts up to policyholder-designated amounts as compensation. These serve as financial aid for affected families.

#3. Flight-Related Inconveniences

Missed connections, luggage delays/damage and flight cancellations are huge hassles but ASEGO policies reimburse valid costs incurred for expenses like emergency purchases, accommodation, rebooking flights and cab fares.

#4. Loss of Travel Documents or Passport

Reissuing lost passports, travel tickets and other overseas documents can be costly affairs. ASEGO policies offer coverage for such unfortunate incidents so your trip remains safely on track.

#5. Baggage Damage or Theft

Losing precious belongings can ruin trips but baggage loss due to theft or transportation mishandling is accounted for under ASEGO plans too within specified claim limits. Typically claimed items include clothes, cameras, laptops, jewelry, sports equipment taken abroad.

#6. Trip Cancellations or Curtailment

For covered unforeseen events at home suddenly necessitating urgent return or if embarking becomes impossible itself, ASEGO policies apologize trip costs, unused hotel bookings and flight change penalties up to fixed limits under trip cancellation and interruption covers.

Other niche protections catering to frequent corporates travellers include rental car deductible coverage, missed event allowances etc. Couples can also secure ‘honeymoon protection’ for wedding trip disruptions.

Key Exclusions to Note in ASEGO Policies

However, ASEGO plans also do encompass exclusions where claims get rejected. Commonly stated restrictions include:

Pre-Existing Health Conditions

Undisclosed pre-travel ailments present for specified durations before purchasing ASEGO policies stand excluded. This aims to prevent fraudulent buyers concealing known illnesses then making exorbitant hospital claims abroad.

Risk-Prone Activities

High adrenaline pursuits like skydiving, scuba diving, mountain climbing etc require additional ‘adventure sports’ riders to qualify for claims if mishaps occur while undertaking them during travels.

War and Terrorism

Events Since ASEGO cannot reliably operate insurance networks in active war zones or countries with DO NOT TRAVEL advisories, associated claims cannot be honored.

Intoxication Liabilities

Self-inflicted injuries or accidents taking place when under the influence of drugs, alcohol etc would be denied coverage.

Beyond Policy Expiry Dates

Any incidents occurring outside the policy coverage dates, including post extending trips without timely renewal alongside will be considered ineligible.

Also focus closely on sub-limits imposing caps on claim amounts pertaining to each benefit instead of solely the large overall coverage figures prominently displayed during purchase. Breaching these can negatively impact payouts.

Filing for ASEGO Insurance Claims

How does one activate their ASEGO travel policy upon encountering insured overseas challenges then?

First, you have to immediately contact their 24/7 emergency assistance hotline stated on your policy schedule to notify them of any significant mishaps abroad whether illness, accidents or thefts. Quickly alerting ASEGO gives them the best ability to guide or even transport you to appropriate medical facilities covered by your plan.

Next is to carefully collate all necessary claim documents including original bills, receipts, police reports etc and submit to ASEGO’s claims team formally via email/post upon returning home within specified claim periods. Assessment takes approximately 1-2 weeks before receiving claim status updates. Maintain copies of all paperwork for personal reference as well.

The ASEGO has achieved an 87% claims settlement ratio with 92% of all claims processed within 15 working days – displaying reasonably efficient services in the last 3years. However, do account for some claims getting rejected over reasons like limited sub-limits, exclusion breaches etc too while expectations setting.

Pricing Factors and Discounts for ASEGO Policies

As a specialized travel insurer lacking significant market presence currently, ASEGO travel plans often appear more affordably priced over reputed incumbent players.

Savvy comparison shopping could unearth 10-15% lower ASEGO premiums for similar policy benefits. However, do validate policy documents cautiously yourself despite such deals instead of blindly trusting unknown insurers.

Customizable aspects regulating pricing include:

  • Geography: Plans for hazard-prone destinations like Africa or even USA attract steeper premiums.
  • Policy Type: Comprehensive overseas policies are pricier than basic Schengen-specific visa covers.
  • Trip Duration: Multi-month long voyages demand higher premiums versus 2 week holidays.
  • Age: Surprisingly, senior travelers may find rates competitive but young adventure enthusiasts often get hit heavily.
  • Pre-existing Conditions: Declaring and covering additional health conditions spikes up costs.
  • Coverage Sums: Opting for higher insurance claim limits naturally drives up rates.

That said, ASEGO does offer following ways to potentially economize on premium spends:

  • Family Rates: Insuring groups under one policy fetches up to 35% discounts over individual buying.
  • Loyalty Discounts: Renewing customers after first policy term get 10% rebate.
  • Payment Term: Opting for half-yearly premium modes attract slightly lower rates over one-shot annual payments.
  • Voluntary Excess: Agreeing to higher limits on minimum claim amounts deductible from own pocket before policy coverage kicks in reduces premium outgo as tradeoff. Thus availing such strategic savings during ASEGO travel insurance purchases. This lets frequent traveller stretch their financial safeguards further.

How ASEGO Compares to Other Players

Most insurers still dominate travel insurance space through sheer better brand recognition and claim servicing infrastructure advantages. Advertised ASEGO strengths of lower premiums and cashless overseas claims may then appeal greatly to price-sensitive customers.

However their limited operating history also means lack of historical policy and claim fulfilment data for reliability benchmarking vis-a-vis trusted incumbents. So buyers must carefully weigh the risks around long-term viability and policy authenticity before buying only basis upfront costs.

Wiser approaches may be restricting ASEGO coverage for less crucial trip components alongside continuing existing insurance plans as primary shields. This balances saving opportunities against risks taken.

Or restrict ASEGO policies to Schengen-specific visa trips whose durations and geographical scope pose reduced hazards. Only upon gathering positive claims data after initial trips should coverage be expanded more extensively.


Getting travel insurance is non-negotiable for international trips, whether for leisure or work. Among various providers, ASEGO Global Travel Insurance offers certain advantages namely:

  • Competitive pricing relative to big insurers
  • Cashless overseas claim servicing conveniences
  • Custom-fit policies based on trip risk profiles

However, being a relatively new player, they also suffer perception issues around long-term viability and authenticity compared to recognized insurers with established track records.

So while their lower quotes appeal on paper, we suggest utilizing ASEGO plans prudently only for non-critical trip sub-components initially.

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