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Audiomack Playlist – Top 20 Playlists on www.audiomack.com

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Get the sound you need, stream, download top playlists of new music with Audiomack Playlist. From Hip-hop to rap, R&B, Latin, Reggae, Afrobeats, Electronic and so much more. Now you have a chance to stream and download the best new music for free, play music, offline data-free, as well as listen to your MP3s. With Audiomack playlist, you can browse music from top categories. You can stream both online and offline, millions of songs and get albums free from the top artists as well as curators.

Audiomack Playlist - Top 20 Playlists on www.audiomack.com

Audiomack recently launched “Sounds of Jamaica” playlists series. This is to help music lovers get access to 100 best songs of 2020 as well as get familiar with Jamaica’s best local talent with exclusive playlists for the island’s parishes. For your top playlists from over the world, you can count on Audiomack to give you just the best from artists who are poised to give you the best in sound through their music.

Audiomack Playlist Features

Audiomack keeps churning out more and more features and categories to keep its audience spell bound. This it does by churning out hot, sizzling categories that will keep you coming back for more. Here are some of the latest additions on Audiomack playlist offer:

Sounds of Jamaica Playlists Series

This is one of the Audiomack playlist category which churns out Jamaica’s best local talent with exclusive playlists for the island’s parishes. If you are a Jamaican sound addict, you can search through this category, to find your sound for the day, hour, week or season.

100 Best Songs of 2020

Another best Audiomack playlist category, is the 100 best songs of 2020 lineup. These are songs that got to Audiomack through this hellish year. You can search through for your 100 best songs of 2020.

Shrek Knows Rap Curates Audiomack Playlist

Listen to OGRE TIME for top-tier rap selections every Monday. Are you a rap fan?, here’s your category!

Pop Future August 2020

With the Pop Future category, there’s highlights for the best new pop songs from rising artists on Audiomack.

Pop Future July 2020

Enjoy pop future highlights and the best new pop songs from rising artists on Audiomack.

Introducing ALT Alternative Playlist Series

This segment features unique sounds and moods from artists who are not afraid to color outside the lines of tradition.

Nasty C’s – New Hip-Hop

Here, Nasty C, curates exclusive Audiomack playlist. You can listen to Nasty C’s new hip-hop playlist featuring the South African star’s favorite new bangers.

Celebrate Black Music Month With “For Us, By Us’ Playlist Series

Here, Audiomack is showcasing the sounds and trends of modern Black music.

Listen to the Who’s Who of the Dreamville Sessions on Audiomack

Audiomack has put together a clear sheet playlist of everyone involved in the Dreamville sessions.

Listen to the Essential AriLennox Tracks on Audiomack

Get access to the a playlist of the most essential AriLennox tracks, put together by Audiomack.

Audiomack Playlist Top 20 Playlists

Here are the top 20 playlists you will find on Audiomack:

  • Top 20 Trinidad Hits
  • Top 20 Dancehall Songs in Jamaica
  • The top 20 Songs in Haiti
  • Top 20 Dancehall Songs in Trinidad
  • Top 20 Songs in South Africa
  • The top 20 Songs in Nigeria
  • Top 20 Songs in Ghana
  • Top 20 Republica Dominicana
  • The top 20 Puerto Rico
  • Top 20 Colombia
  • The top 20 Mexico
  • Top 20 Argentina
  • Top 20 Cuba

Audiomack Playlist Pitching

Here, we will be giving you a quick guide on how to pitch your music for trending and playlists.

After creating and releasing your music as an artist, what do you do after uploading your song to Audiomack?

How to Pitch Audiomack Your Music for Trending

Creators who have been authenticated and verified, can submit music for trending consideration directly from their Audiomack account. If you are not yet authenticated/verified, you can apply today.

  • Choose “Submit to Trending” on either the Trending page, or from the Manage Content page in the Creator Dashboard.
  • Only music that have been uploaded within the last four(4) weeks are eligible for submission. This four-week window applies to all uploads, be it private, public or scheduled. Then choose the release you wish to submit.
  • Click on the “Submit”, option and Audiomack’s curators will internally review your music.
  • If you are trended, you will receive an email which notifies you that your song is trending.

Understand that pitching does not guarantee that a submission will be trended.

Artists are at liberty to pitch songs, albums, and podcasts for possible trending placement on Audiomack. All trending submissions must be new releases only, which means anything uploaded from the last four weeks.

Pitching for Playlist Consideration

Songs can be pitched by artists (no albums) for playlist consideration, though multiple song pitches can be made at once. There is no date for playlist pitches. All playlist pitches, can be sent to playlists@audiomack.com

The one most important thing you have to know for playlist pitching is that you should know what playlist you want to be on. Now, the more specific you are, the better your chances. Thus, it is fine if you pitch a few songs at a time, as long as it is aimed at a specific playlist.

Pitching Playlists (for Curators)

Curators can also pitch Audiomack. Just send your curated playlists to playlists@audiomack.com for Audiomack to consider spotlighting them in one of its featured slots and/or its curator spotlight playlist section. Audiomack for Creators, offers creators with exclusive access to free tools and services to help build their career.

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