Australian Credit Cards: Best Australian Credit Cards

Australian Credit Cards? A credit card is a small plastic material issued by financial companies that give cardholders access to a revolving line of credit. With this card, you can make purchases up to the particular limit given by the Issuer. Then, repay the issuer or bank the credit you spent, either in full or part by the due date.

However, if you repay the money in part, the remaining balance will be taken as extended credit and interest will be charged on that amount you are owning. To avoid unnecessary interest charges, you should endeavour to pay off your debt in full at the due date.

Moreover, for some cards interest is charged on all purchases and transactions from the day the transaction was made.

 Australian Credit Cards

 Australian Credit Cards

There are different kinds of cards available in Australia. We have Low rate, low fees, rewards, frequent flyer, premium and balance transfer cards.

Here is the list of CC in the Australia market

  • Commonwealth bank credit cards
  • Anz Credit Cards
  • Citi Rewards CC
  • Coles No Annual Fee MasterCard
  • Bendigo bank Low rate CC
  • Qantas Premier Platinum
  • Qantas American Express Ultimate CC
  • Citi Simplicity Coles No Annual Fee
  • Commonwealth bank neo cc
  • Commonwealth bank low rate CC

These are some of the CC in Australia. Read beneath to understand more about the cards.

 Commonwealth Bank Credit Card

Commonwealth Bank offers a range of credit cards from interest-free, low rate, low fee and awards cards.

 Benefits For Commonwealth Bank Credit Card

  • Offers 0% pa interest rate
  • Get a choice to 3 credit limits, $1000,$2000 or $3000
  • Offers a simple monthly fee.
  • No late fee
  • No additional cardholders fee.
  • A free foreign transaction fee

For Commonwealth low rate CC- you will enjoy 0% pa on purchases for 15 months.

For Commonwealth bank Low fee CC- enjoy free annual fee for the first year, plus 0% pa on purchases for 15 months.

However, to apply for any of the commonwealth bank card visit

Anz Credit Card

Anz Credit Cards are- Anz low rate, platinum, Anz first, Anz rewards travel adventure, Anz rewards black, Rewards platinum etc.

Each of the cards comes with its unique benefits and features.

Cardholders can earn 120, 000 bonus Quantas points and $200 back to their new frequent flyer black CC on eligible purchases within the first three months of approval.

To apply or learn more about various Anz CC, visit their official website at

Citi Rewards Credit Card

Citi Rewards CC offers an introductory 0% balance transfer for new Cardmembers.


  • Offers 0% balance transfer for 30 months. Transfers from non-Citi personal loans, store or CC
  • Good for CC debt consolidation
  • Overseas travel insurance.
  • Citi rewards program

To apply, visit Citi Bank official website.

Coles No Annual Fee

Coles No Annual Fee offers free annual fee and other outstanding benefits to users.


  • Cardmembers gets 1 Flybuys point on each $2 spent on qualifying purchases
  • Get $10 off on your coles supermarket shop when you redeem up to 2,000 Flybuys points
  • Offers easy payment methods. With Samsung and Apple Pay.
  • No annual fee

 Quantas Premier Platinum Credit Card

Quantas Premier Platinum CC comes with amazing bonus points offers for members.


  • Cardholders can earn 100,000 bonus Qantas points
  • Earn uncapped quantas points
  • Get a complimentary lounge access
  • Travel insurance benefits
  • Discounted companion fares concierge
  • The low annual fee for the first year

To apply for the CC, kindly visit their official website, then click the apply now button and follow the onscreen directives.

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