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Banana Republic Credit Card Login: How to Apply Now

by cardshure

Banana Republic Credit Card Login. Logging into your Banana Republic Credit Card account on the Synchrony Bank website, enables you to pay your bills, view statements, update personal information, access new offers and deals on your account etc. be it on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

As a Banana Republic credit cardholder, you will need to log into your credit card account. This is because, having online access, keeps you updated about everything about your card. Once you are able to log into your card account, you would actually find a simplified way of operating your account. From your account, you’ll be able to run things seamlessly without difficulties.

Banana Republic Credit Card Login

Banana Republic Credit Card Login

However, if you have been encountering difficulties logging into your account, you can rest assured that you’ll find a solution to every login issues you may be facing. And if you do not know how to log into your account at all, then you’ll also find the steps you can use to easily log into your account.

Before we delve into the login steps proper, let’s take a look at the features and rewards you get as you log in and manage your card account.

Banana Republic Credit Card Login Features

 With a Banana Republic credit card, you’ll enjoy the following benefits as you use your card:

  • The card can be accessed for use at different Banana Republic stores located in the United States.
  • The card can be used at Navy and Athleta stores
  • Has a great credit rating
  • Charges no annual fee for card usage
  • Cash Advance expense is at $10.

You can actually enjoy all these benefits with your card, as you keep using your card.

Banana Republic Credit Card Login Rewards

 You also enjoy rewards as you shop using your card. Better still, you can apply these rewards towards your purchases and easily redeem them.

  • Gives you the ease of transaction in the confines of your home
  • Gain 500 extra points when you agree to the electronic account statements as you register your email
  • Get as much as 5,000 points in a year to attain a LUXE status
  • 15% discount after you make your first purchase using the card
  • $5 reward on every 500 points accumulated
  • 5 points on each $1 spent at the different Banana Republic, Athleta and Old Navy stores
  • 1 reward point on each $1 spent making purchases with your card in different areas.

Banana Republic Credit Card Login Steps

 Logging into your account gives you access to manage your account on the go. To login,

  • Visit the card login page
  • Fill out your email and password
  • Then click on the “Log In” button.

If you are having trouble logging into your card account, as a result of forgotten Username or Password, use the following steps to recover your login details to access your account.

Banana Republic Credit Card Password Recovery

 Just do the following;

  • Scroll to the login page, and navigate down to the “Forgot Password” button, to get to a new page.
  • On the new page, enter your Account Number, Last four digits of social security number, and Date of birth
  • Then click the “Continue” tab, to complete the first phase.

Banana Republic Credit Card Customer Service Number

 Contact the customer care unit, by calling the customer care number. You can get the number by visiting the card’s website. With the number, you can get enquires on Banana Republic Credit Card Login.

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