Basswap – Download Indians Songs for Free

Are you a fan of Indian songs? Well, if you are, and you need a place to get your hands on some amazing songs, then you need to check out Basswap. This site is definitely one of the best if not the best when it comes to downloading Hindi songs. the site offers everything, you could possibly think of in that category, and more.


There are definitely more great sites out there, but with what Basswap offers, you wouldn’t want to check out other sites. From trending lost to new top songs, they have it all covered for you.

Basswap Offers

Basswap is a great site, and trust me, you would enjoy downloading from the site. They have great offers and an amazing platform, to begin with. First off, Basswap has a great user interface which is important for anyone that would be making use of the platform. The site also carries a search bar to help locate the song you would like to download.

When you launch the site, you would notice that they have categorized the songs on the site to make locating a song easier. The categories they have put together include:

  • Trending List
  • New Top Songs
  • New Top Albums
  • Latest Indipop Songs
  • Latest Bollywood Mp3 Songs
  • Latest Telegu MP3 Songs
  • Latest Gujarati Mp3 Songs
  • Latest Punjabi Mp3 Songs
  • Latest Haryanvi Mp3 Songs
  • Music Category.

With all these categories, you should be able to get your hands on whatever Indian song you would like to download and it is all for free.

Basswap App

Unlike most free music download sites, Basswap comes with an app. Yes, you can download the app into your phone and start making use of it instead of having to visit the website every time. The app is really great and you would enjoy it.

To download the app, visit the website at then right on top of the site, click on the Basswap App icon, this would take you to the Google Play Store where you can download the app for free. The app still carries it’s very of features that you would enjoy, so make sure to download it if you like making use of Basswap.

Basswap Music Categories

This site offers all you could think of when it comes to Indian songs, and they have even carefully arranged their categories. If you open the site via and scroll to the bottom of the page, you would find the following music categories:

  • Bollywood Mp3 Songs
  • New Pop Mp3 Songs
  • Telugu Mp3 Songs
  • Gujarati Mp3 Songs
  • Punjabi Mp3 Songs
  • Marathi Mp3 Songs
  • Haryanvi Mp3 Songs
  • Rajasthani Mp3 Songs
  • Malayalam Mp3 Songs
  • Kannada Mp3 Songs

If you find any of these kinds of songs to be your favorite, then Basswap have you covered, you do not have to worry. You would be able to download them and more.

Basswap Songs Download

Downloading songs from Basswap should not be that much of a fuss for you. The steps are quite simple to go by, and below I would be explaining them to you.

  • First, visit the website at using your web browser
  • Then locate the song you would like to download using the search bar or the categories available
  • Once you have located the song, click on it
  • There you would see a music player with a “three-dot menu”, click on the menu and then the download.

With this, your songs should be downloaded without any stress or fuss. The site is quite easy to use, so you shouldn’t find any issues with downloading.

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