Best Free VPNs for PC – Is Using a VPN Safe?

Best Free VPNs for PC. When it comes to downloading a VPN on a PC, Free VPN can be quite enticing, especially if you would only be making use of it for a short period of time or you are not sure if you are ready to get yourself a paid VPN service.

Best Free VPNs for PC

For the unaware, Virtual private networks (VPNs) are an amazing way for you to stay safe while surfing the internet, make your browsing more anonymous, and even view content or stream TV and Movies from other regions.

But typically, when things sound too to be true, often they are. There are literally hundreds of free VPNs available, and the truth is that most simply are not that great. Some of the sketchy free VPN apps bombard you with unwanted ads and very well may sell your data. And moreover, if you were hoping to make use of a free VPN service to stream and torrent, you are most likely out of luck.

Is Using a VPN Safe?

That depends totally on which free VPN you choose. While there are some amazing ones, they are vastly outnumbered by dubious, ad-filled apps that have no background and no privacy policies. What’s more, these could be harvesting your data exactly the opposite of what you plan to make use of the VPN for.

Aside from the risk to your privacy, it is very important that you understand that every free VPN comes carrying a limitation, even the good ones. Almost all impose some kind of data limit, or speed caps, and then restrict you to a handful of servers at best.

If you are interested in getting the best VPN, it is best you check out some paid options, and below I would be stating some of them, their offers, and how much you need to pay to make use of them. Most of these VPNs do not cost much to subscribe to them, and they offer top-notch services, much better than what is on offer with most free VPNs.

Best Free VPNs for PC

Below I have put together some of the best VPNs for your PC. These VPN are great and you would surely benefit from making use of them. They include:


The expressVPN happens to be one of the top-rated VPN, and its service is available on the market. If you are not sure about paying, express has a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can choose to test it without the fear of losing your money.


If you are looking for a world-class VPN but you cannot afford to splash out, surfshark is an amazing option for you to check out. With amazing world-class streaming and privacy performance, it is a quality product and you would now get 2 months of Free working out at less than $2.50.


One of the most famous VPN available right now is NordVPN. They offer some of the best-secured options. They can unblock almost all streaming sites, which includes Netflix, and in terms of price, it sits between expressVPN and Surfshark. Plus, you would be offered a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Windscribe: Free

Although you can make use of this VPN for free, its premium service is really amazing, and that translates over to its windscribe Free VPN offering also. The VPN has many powerful features, and it would be an amazing choice for all those that want flexibility in their free VPN.

Proton VPN: Free

This VPN is an amazing free VPN, probably the best free VPN you can find right now. What sets the Proton VPN apart from the rest is that it delivers unlimited data. With this VPN, you do not have to worry about just how much data you are making use of. The VPN also has it paid part which is the premium service that offers you Proton’s Secure Core server. There are more amazing free features that this VPN holds.

Privado VPN: Free

This VPN is quite new to the market, but it is definitely doing something to make a splash, especially when it comes to Free VPNs. As a matter of fact, PrivadoVPN free can do something that only a few other services have on offer, and that is to unblock regional Netflix content.


Is There a Complete Free VPN?

That depends solely on your definition of “free”. There are tons of free VPNs that don’t part you from your cash, but you could be paying for them by watching ads or even unknowingly giving them your personal data.

Who Are Free VPNs Best For?

The deal here is that the best free VPN services are great for occasional use, which includes traveling or in a café. They simply do not want to provide enough data usage or speed 24/7 home VPN connections. If you want all your home internet traffic to be encrypted all the time, then you would need to pay for the best VPN services.

What is the Best Free VPN Service?

There are several great free VPNs that you can make use of safely, although they usually offer data or speed limits. Your personal preferences determine the one that is best for you.

How do I Choose Which free VPN to Make use of?

If you would like to start making use of a free VPN, the best and most important consideration is your online security. Is the VPN a Secured and trusted VPN? Make sure to look at the various features that different free VPNs offer. Many free VPNs have a date or a speed limit.

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