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Best Way to Install a Graphics Card drivers

Graphics card in your PC Is to be upgraded to enable your computer play advanced games and also take care of other complex, graphics will learn how to uninstall and install a new one.

graphics card

Things To do Before installing a Graphics card

You are to remove the old card before you can install the new one

Open your computer case.

  • You need a Phillips head screwdriver to detach the screw from the computer
  • Unplug the power cable
  • On the back of you computer, Remove the panel located opposite the motherboard so that you can access the motherboard.

Power supply wattage

  • Make sure you have a quality Power supply that can perform this task. The power supply is graded at twice as much power as your graphics card consumes .

Compatible Card

  • Make sure the motherboard is compatible with the card if not, you need to install new motherboard.
  • Ensure the graphics card you want to install will fit in the slot in the computer, because most of the cards are big in sizes.  You can run a measurement on the card both horizontally and vertically to make sure it’s fits in before buying.

Find graphics card recommended for your Interest/it’s display capacity

Base on the applications you want to run with yourcard , you can find the one that will give you the best. It’s also important for you to checkout for its display capabilities.

Uninstall the Old GPU

  • Go to the start menu and then click on Windows +R” Keys .Select it from the list for Windows8
  • Expand the display adapter
  • Right click on the recent display adapter and then tap “uninstall” widget,
  • Youcan now go ahead to remove the drivers from your system

How To install a Graphics card

  • Remove your computer side panel, by removing the screw attaching it to the computer.For in some computer You can just slide it off
  • Find the PCI-E slot on your motherboard. This is a place where the card fit in, then push into the slot until the connectors goes into place
  • Screw the rear bracket into order to stop the card from shifting as you plug in stuffs in the ports
  • Connect the cables required for the graphics card
  • Put the panel back with the screw, that is attaching it to the computer
  • On the back of your computer case connect the monitor to your graphics card, by inserting into the ports
  • As you Reboot your PC with the new card,you are required to install new drivers.
  • After performing the functions above, it’s time to restart your PC

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