Best Ways To Format C drive in Windows?

Format C drive in windows? This is an act of formatting the primary partition that Windows and other operating system is installed on.This formatting process is not really a straightforward something so you need to search for means to format a drive outside Windows installation. That is booting from operating system with formatting feat such,  flash drive, floppy disc or CD, dvd, and Bd drive.

This article is not meant for individual who wants to format C drive to reinstall Windows. Because you are meant to do the formatting when Windows is installing.

format C drive

How To Format C drive from Windows setup disc

You can get a disc or flash drive to run formatting.

  • Insert Windows setup disc
  • Restart your System
  • Key in BIOS to change the boot method to ensure computer start from the disc
  • From the installation interface, click on “language” widget
  • When you see the format option, click on it.

Format C drive from a System  Repair Disc

If you cannot access the windows installation media but you can get a working copy of Windows 10, 8 and 7, you can create a System recovery drive and then format C from there.

  • Boot to system recovery drive, by changing the Bios and restarting your computer
  • From the recovery options Select “command prompt” tab
  • Type in “format c: /fs:ntfs” and then click on the “Enter” Key

Take note, sometimes it’s not identified as c drive in some system repair disc command prompt, so ensure you are formatting the appropriate drive.

Wipe C through DiskGenius WinPE

DiskGeniusis a disk partition freeware that makes disk partition and also formats Ext4 partition.

Create bootable disk for DiskGenius WinPE

  • Connect USB drive to your PC
  • Open DiskGenius
  • Select the USB flash drive from the software
  • Tap on “tools” tab
  • Click on “create WinPE bootable USB drive of DiskGenius” button
  • From the pop up window, Press on “Ok” tab
  • When you are done, restart the system you want to format it’s C drive
  • Go to Bios to change booting settings to booting from the USB device
  • On DiskGenius WinPE version, Navigate and tap on “C drive” tab
  • Tap on “format” widget From the tool menu
  • Setup the files system type
  • You can now, Press on the “format” button

Wipe the drive Using Data Destruction Software

This software completely destroys all data on drive, that is taking it back to the way it was after leaving hard drive factory. So if you want the drive to be permanently cleared, you should go with this step.

Format C Using Free Diagnostic &Repair tool

There are numerous bootable CD/dvd diagnostic and repair tools which are formed by computer enthusiasts to wipe C when you don’t know access to Windows install media and a newer version of Windows to create a repair disc


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