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Blaze Credit Card Application – Blaze Credit Card | How to Apply

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The Blaze Credit Card Application is an open opportunity for both old and new customers to build a strong credit history. Users get the benefit of exceptional convenience and reliability from one of the world’s leading payment brands. It is a secured credit card. By the word secured, it means it requires deposit that is held as collateral for your credit card account. The blaze credit card can be used anywhere. You will be required to provide a monthly payment to help build and improve your card.

Blaze Credit Card Application - Blaze Credit Card | Application Status | Login | Registration | Activation | Payment

Blaze Credit Card Application

Blaze credit card is a First Savings Bank issues card. This credit card is convenient and easy-to-use when you’re making everyday purchases, shopping online, or dining out. The blaze credit card comes with lots of benefits to its card holders. There are rewards given to card holders using the blaze credit card often.

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Blaze Credit Card

The blaze credit card is a well secured and trusted card available and can b used anywhere. They card comes with the below services:

  • It has an annual percentage rate (APR) of about 25%.
  • There is no minimum interest charge.
  • Users get cash advancement of about 2% of each cash advance.
  • The penalty fee for late and returned payment is about $25.
  • Rewards are made available to card users regularly.

There are few other benefits to the blaze credit card holders that uses their card for shopping regularly.

How to Apply For Blaze Credit Card

Applying for the credit card is easy. You just have to follow the below steps:

Follow the next directed procedures to get your application ready and set to be attended to. It is advisable you provide correct information without misspelt words to enable quick attendance.

Blaze Credit Card Application Status

For you to check your application status, you will have to return to the website and check the number to use. You might also get a mail to notify you on your status. If not, log in to the First Savings Bank to check your application status online.

Blaze Credit Card Login

Now to login to your Credit Card, you will have to follow the steps below:

  • Go to the website blazecc.com on your web browser.
  • Scroll download click on “Account Login”.
  • Then fill in your username and password.
  • And click on “Log In”.

You can also get to register for new users. You just click on the Register New User, provide the required information and get registered.

Blaze Credit Card Registration/Activation

For better and more explanation on the Blaze Credit Card registration process, follow the below basics to get registered.

  • Go to the site blazecc.com.
  • Scroll down and click on Account Login.
  • Click on Register New User.
  • Provide your credit card account number, and your country zip/postal code.
  • Choose an identification type, and provide the last 4 digits of your identification card.
  • Then click on Register Now.

Your account will be activated and your card ready to be used.

Blaze Credit Card Payment

Since the Blaze Credit Card is been issued by the First Savings Bank, you will have to make your monthly card payment to the bank. You can contact your bank or go to the customer care in the website to get more information on the payment method.

Blaze Credit Card Customer Care

The Blaze Credit Card customer care can be accessed via the site. You just have to go to the site www.blazecc.com on your web browser. Scroll below and click on the customer care centre.

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