Boomerang for Gmail –How does it work? | Best way to use Boomerang

Boomerang for Gmail gives users absolute control when they send or receive email messages from friends. Boomerang is what enables you to compose an email message now, then set up when you want the message to be sent, and it will be automatically sent at the right time.

Boomerang for Gmail

How does it work

With boomerang, you can send messages automatically, what you need is to type the email messages, after typing, click on the “send later” widget. You can now use the Google calendar picker or the text box to set up when you want boomerang to deliver the email.

Thus users can as well remove email messages from their inbox until when they need them. So in other not to forget to send an important email message, use the boomerang feature.

Best Way to use Boomerang for Gmail

To start using this boomerang, there are certain things you must do, read below for details

Check your Web browser: boomerang is supported in browsers like Opera, Chrome, and Firefox. So to take advantage of the boomerang, you must have either of these browsers. Also, it works on G Suite and Gmail.

Install boomerang: to get this service on your Gmail Navigate to www.boomeranggmail.comon the screen,  tap on the question that says “Add Boomerang for Gmail? Click on it to affirm. Then press on the “Add extension” widget. You will get a notice when is been installed.

Click on start: to star using boomerang, select the start tab and to skip its features tap on “skip” widget. When you go to your Gmail inbox you will see the “boomerang” icon showing that the installation process was successful and you are ready to start making your message schedules.

How To send an email message using boomerang

  • Go to the compose field and compose the email you want to schedule for later. Make sure you neglect the “send” button.
  • Proceed below the “send” button, you will see a tab that says “send later” go ahead and select it. N
  • A list will pop up for you to select a time to schedule your message. Just find the particular time you want and click on it
  • Go straight to the “confirm” widget to confirm your scheduling.

What you will do is to relax your mind, because when the particular time you scheduled reaches the message will be sent automatically.


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