Cash App Account / Cash app sign up

Cash app account is simply a platform where square Cash users’ records and transactions are registered. Send money to your loved ones using the cash app, just by registering to own an account with square Cash.

cash app account
cash app account

About Cash app

Cash app is a mobile payment service that allows users to send or receive money through their bank account with debit cards. was formed by Square, Inc. It makes it possible for users within and then pay with a cash card. Thatis to say, if you have balance within your cash app, you can just make your payment without paying with your credit card.

Cash app account setup steps

To Create A square Cash account you need to download and install the app on your mobile phone. Then complete the sign-up Requirements.

Step 1 – Download the app

Downloading the app is one of the basic steps a beginner is to take. So follow a few steps below to install the Cash app on your phone.

Proceed to your mobile phone, then open your app store/ Google play store. For Android and iPhone users.
Scroll to the search tool and type in “Cash app” allow it to search. The app will appear on the screen.
press on “Cash app”
Navigate and Tap “install” link
Wait for it to install, and follow further instructions.

Step 2- Cash app sign up

on the blank spaces, type in your email or mobile number
select the “next” button and then wait to receive a confirmation code
fill in the confirmation code
Tap on “next” widget Select how you want to be using Cash app. You can do that by, tapping on business or personal.
Link your bank account, so that the app can access your bank account for you to be able to use the app to send or receive money.

Step 3- Create a Cashtag

A Cashtag is known as a username which others can use to transfer money to you, if you don’t want them to send it using your email or phone number, you use to register for cash app account.
Launch the cash app on your mobile
Click the icon at the left top side of the screen
Move downward and select “pick your unique Cash name” this step is for people who don’t have Cashtag already
Enter the Cashtag or username you want
Pres on the “set” button
Enable “Cash me” widget to receive the money transferred to you via your username


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