Cash App – easiest way to send and receive money

Cash App is a mobile device app that lets users send and receive money through your account with your debit card. The service was established by Square, Inc. Thus users can make purchases within the USA and then pay with a cash card. So if you have balance within your cash app, you don’t need to disturb your self, paying with your credit card, your cash card can do it for you.

How does it work?

When you download, install the app on your mobile phone, then sign-up. Within the app, you can send money to whosoever you want to send money to. Thus to receive money you will receive a notice, it can be by text or email.

cash app

Cash app download

In other to enjoy the cash app services, you need to download and install the app on your mobile device, be it iPhone or Android. Thus to get a cash app installed on your phone, follow a few steps below.

  • Go to the menu of your mobile phone, click to open your app store/play store
  • Navigate to the search tool and key in “Cash app” then search for it. When searches completes it will show the “App” on your phone screen.
  • Find the install widget and tap on it.
  • Wait for it to install, then launch the app.

Cash app sign up

It’s a process individual who is interested in joining the cash app platform pass through to become a member. However, to be able to send or receive the money within this app, you must sign up or register for it. To register, Open app on your phone, key in your phone number or email address, create your username known as $Cashtagand finally, link your bank account or debit card details

How To send money on cash app–easiest way to send money

On your phone, open the app.

Type in the amount you want to send

Click on the “pay” tab

Key in your mobile number, email or username/$Cashtag

Enter the reason for the money you want to send

Press on the“Pay” button

How To Receive Money from Cash app

to receive a payment sent to you within the app, you need to accept the payment.

Accept payment – open the app and tap on the notification button, at the right top of the page. Pres on the “accept” tab close to the pending payment. Confirm and then hit the “Done” tab.

Open cash app and Locateaccount balance page –in the app, you will see a dollar number at the top, click on it to open the account balance. On the account balance page, click on “cash-out”

Select between standard and instant options- when you click on “standard” it will take some days to transfer the money to your account. But when select “instant” it sends the money instantly, you will be charged a little fee.

Select bank- if you have not linked your account before, you need to do that. Select your Bank name from the list presented. Thus you can as well add your bank name if your bank is not listed, by clicking on “others”

Sign in to your bank


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