Cash App on iPhone-Simple ways to use Cash App

Cash app on iPhone? square cash works perfectly well on the iPhone just like it does on Android devices. Learn how to use Cash App on your iOS device without delay, read to the bottom of this article to understand more.

cash app on iphone

Cash app

An application designed by Square Inc. The app allows individuals to send money instantly, and also receive money electronically. Thus, when you receive money, it automatically saves on the app till transfer the money into your bank account. You might be wondering how it will happen, yes you will be requested to link your bank account to the cash app.

Simple ways to use Cashapp on iPhone

with the write-up below, you will learn how to make use of the app on your iPhone.

Download and install cash app

The app is available for free on the app store, so to get it installed on your iPhone

Go to your iPhone menu, click on “app store” icon

Tap on the “search” bar and then enter “cash”

Pres on the “Get” tab next to the “Cash app” the app has a green color icon with a white dollar sign.

Tap on the app icon to open it

Sign up on iPhone

When you open the app, Enter a phone number or email

Click the next tab

Enter confirmation code

Select next button

Key in your debit card number and select “next” widget

Create your personal Cashtag

You can invite friends if you want

How To Send money

Open the app on your iPhone

Key in the required info to login to the app.

Tap on the number pad on the homepage, enter the amount you want to send

Scroll down and select the “play” button

Select the recipient name or Cashtag

Include the reason for the payment

Hit the “pay” widget. Note you may be prompted to enter a confirmation code, PIN or fingerprint 

Click “pay”

Select “Done” button

How To request money on cash app with iPhone

On the app homepage

Fill in the amount you want to request in the number pad

Move down and tap “request” widget

Key in a contacts name or Cashtag

Add the reason for the money you are requesting for

Click on the “request” box again

Click the “Done” button

How To Accept money

Go the cash app

Click the number in the upper right corner

Tap the request button, if you want it to pay the whole amount immediately, tap “pay”

Select “pay amount” widget below

Here you can either confirm or decline the request. If you want to decline request, tap on “decline” link


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