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Chromebook Review. Chromebook is are is laptop and tablets that are using the Linux-based Chrome OS operating system. They are basically used to carry out different tasks by using the Google Chrome browser. In this article let’s review the Chromebook and more other details on Chromebook.


What is Chromebook?

Chromebook is a device that uses a Linux-based Chrome Os operating system. They come in forms of Laptops and tablets.

Additionally, Chromebook applications and data are stored in the cloud instead of the machine. Chromebook was released late can also be run android apps and some can run Linux apps

However, in March 2018, 60% of Schools in the USA purchased more of Chrome computers. This and meaning brought about this topic Chromebook review.

Chromebook Laptops

Chromebook Laptops are more durable, portable and lightweight to move about. It is a low-cost laptop with great performance. Although it comes with smaller display sizes compare to the MacBook and other laptops.

Also, Chromebook does not offer large storage space. It depends on the Web for its storage. Chromebook has a strong battery life and it’s only designed to run on Google Chrome browser. It is affordable for everyone to purchase.

Chromebook performance

With Google Chromebook Laptops the internet does the heavy lifting.  Chromebook OS is built around the Chrome Web browser and is what the early days of terminals and mainframes. Then the terminals largely depended on the mainframe, the advantage there is that the terminal didn’t need to do the heavy lifting because that was the duty of the mainframe. This is the same model that  Chromebook has adopted making it so popular. Meaning that a $250 Chromebook can perform as well as a much more expensive laptop.

Chromebook Price

Chromebook when compare with others has a narrow price range and it’s more affordable compared to Mac and Apple. Chromebooks are in various models. For instance, the light Acer Chromebook R11, 11.6-inch HD display, an Intel Celeron N3150 CPU and 2 GB of RAM go for $169. Rare models such as Samsung Chromebook PRO is $549. It has an Intel Core M3 processor and 4 GB of RAM, a 12.3-inch notebook with a 2400 x 1600 pixel display.

Here, are Chromebook buying guide to prices: Asus Chromebook Flip C434 – $569(Best Overall) Samsung Chromebook 3 $159 (Value Pick). Dell Chromebook 3189 $329 (Best for School). Google Pixelbook $999 (Best for Business).

In conclusion, Chromebook is affordable and offers excellent performance. The introduction of Android apps will increase their capabilities. If you’re you are searching for a simple way to get online and you want Google’s services then you can settle for Chromebook.


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