Clideo – Online Video Editing Tools | Clideo Video Maker

Clideo is a collection of online editing tools designed for video merging, compressing, resizing and a whole lot more. In this article, we will be carrying out a Clideo review, to furnish you with all the details you need to understand how Clideo works and how best you can use it to your own advantage.

Clideo - Online Video Editing Tools | Clideo Video Maker

Clideo Reviews

At, you have an all-in-one video marketing platform which includes tools to create, edit, compress as well as package video for delivery to just about any audience on the web.

Clideo video maker is adjudged to probably be the best free video-making website. If you have been looking for a secure video-making website (Clideocom), you should probably try out the website.

With Clideo video compressor, you can compress any video to any size you want for free. It also allows you to merge videos together to become one length of video.

Clideo’s motherland is China, however in 2017 the app was made available for users from all over the world. One if its most characteristic feature is a lip-sync option, which enables users imitate a pop star or whoever.

Clideo Features

Clideo is designed with some amazing features, which we are going to outline here to help you know how best this platform works.

  • With, you can create a stop motion movie from any video clip.
  • It enables you easily add Instagram-like filters to videos in order to enhance the footage.
  • Access to add subtitles to any video manually or with an SRT file.
  • Ability to change the speed of a video to speed up or slow down.
  • Enables you add a reverse effect to any video.
  • Clideo enables you resize video to upload to Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • Now you can create animated GIFs from uploaded videos.
  • Easily add audio to video for uploading to YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.
  • At, you can merge video clips into a single video easily.
  • Easily rotate videos and even turn vertical video horizontal etc.
  • Crop easily any part of a video.
  • With Clideo, you can compress videos and reduce file size.
  • With meme generator video, you can make a meme online to share on Facebook, Instagram, Stories, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter as well as on other social media channels.
  • Video editing helps you easily trim any part of video online.
  • Create new videos with the aid of other existing videos, photos, GIFs and music.
  • If you want to know how to make videos with music, you can create a sideshow by uploading a video and music.

What an array of benefits!! With this, you can see that Clideo .com has quite a lot to offer.

Clideo Pricing

Clideo offers two convenient packaging and pricing options that you can choose from. These packages are:

  • The unlimited usage which goes for $6 a month
  • A one-time payment of $99 for unlimited lifetime usage.

You can choose from either of these packages the one that best suits your purpose.

Clideo Alternatives

If you are interested in using the Clideo tool, it would be best to also explore other options of alternatives. These alternatives are most similar in terms of key features and benefits. They include:

  • Animaker
  • com
  • VideoPad
  • PowToon
  • Spott
  • CreateStudio
  • Mindstamp
  • Viddyoze
  • Contentflow

You can review these Clideo alternatives to see if there are any Clideo competitors that you can consider while making your software search.

How to Cut a Video Using Clideo’s Easy-to-use Online Video Cutter

In this Clideo review, we will be showing you how you can use Clideo’s easy-to-use online video cutter to cut videos. This will help you boycott the need to waste time downloading complex editing software which can take up valuable storage space.

This method works on any browser and across all platforms, be it Windows, Mac, iPhone, or Android.

  • First upload your lengthy content by heading to the Video Trimming Tool by Clideo. Then hit on the “Choose file” button to upload the content you want to cut.

For those working from a Mac device or a Windows computer, you can simply drag and drop a video from one of your folders. Alternatively, you can add it from Dropbox, Google Drive or through a link from another online source. Note however, that the app allows you to trim a video up to 500 MB, at no cost at all.

  • After adding your video, it’s time to cut it down. Scroll to the bottom where you have the preview reel, where you can manually adjust the sliders to select where exactly in your video, you’d like your clip to be trimmed. Thereafter, choose to delete or extract the selected part.

You can also add a Fade-in/out or Crossfade effect if you feel like it.

Choose a different output format for your file. If you are editing the video from your iPhone or Android, then it’s best to choose the mp4 format. Then the video cutter will be got to work for you.

  • Lastly, once your fresh clip has been processed, you’ll be presented with the options of downloading the clip to your device for safe keeping. You can also back it up in Google Drive or Dropbox.

Clideo makes video editing, compressing and cutting fun!!!

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