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CNN BreakingNews? Read the latest updates on news and information leading stories, business, weather politics, etc. with CNN.  The CNN news platform provides you with trending news on the issue ravaging the world at large, which is the issue of Covid-19. This is to help to keep you informed on the state of the Coronavirus.

CNN Breaking News

CNN Breaking News

With CNN, one can get all the top headlines with the latest news. This guide will tell you more about the sections that will give you a hint on happenings, especially on the case at hand (Coronavirus). before that, let us learn about CNN.

About CNN

CNN is short for “Cable News Network”.  It is a news-based pay-TV channel in America, established by AT&T’s Warner Media. The platform was introduced in the year 1980.  Thus, according to records, Cable News Network (CNN) was the first TV channel that offers 24 hours of news coverage and also the first all-news television channels in the US.

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Find the Latest Breaking Stories

The CNN channel is the best channel you can get the latest headlines stories both within and outside the US. To get CNN Breaking News on business, sports, politics, world, health, etc. visit to get access to and read the latest breaking news and stories.

Marine Corps in the US Suspends New Recruit Training

Regarding the issue of Coronavirus, the shipping of new recruits to Paris Island which is Marine Corps recruit depot goes into temporal suspension. The corps officials report that there are a significant number of COVID-19 cases at Paris Island, which stand to be the vital reason for the postponement of the training.

However, this is a big step to take, to make social distancing a reality, in order to reduce the cases of the Coronavirus.

Neurosurgeon Who Separates Joined Twins Dies from COVID–19 Complications

The great neurosurgeon was seen as a caring and humble man by his colleagues and staff. Thus, it is heartbreaking to hear about the sudden death of Dr. Goodrich said by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore medical center.

Macy’s Temporary Store Closing

This Store set out to vacate its employees due to the Coronavirus spreading across the world.  The company shuts down over 775 stores in the US this month, to help slow down the virus from infecting people in places that are crowded. Looking at what is happening in the world now, saving lives is now the number one priority of individuals, that is the more reason social distancing is very important.

CNN Breaking News: the President of USA extends Federal Social Distancing Guidelines to the 30th of April

Due to the rapid spread of “Covid-19” Donald Trump now decides on shifting the social distancing guidelines to April 30.  The aim of the extension is to have fewer cases of Coronavirus in the US.  The president further said, that he hopes that the country will be on its recovery state by the 1st of June 2020.


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