Coinbase login | Coinbase login problems and how to solve them

Coinbase login grants you access to your coinbase account. Do you want to buy or sell digital currency? Maybe you don’t know where or the platform that is safe for trading cryptocurrency? Search no more, you are at the right place, coinbase is a safe and secure place for digital currency transactions. so to start trading cryptocurrency at coinbase, you need to have an account, because that is the only way you can access the platform.

coinbase login
Coinbase login | Coinbase login problems and how to solve them

Coinbase Login

It is only when you create an account that you will be able to log in and access the trading platform. However, you must provide your email address and password to enable you to log in. The step under will show you how to login to your account.

How to login to Coinbase

  • Visit
  • Tap on the “sign-in” button
  • Enter your email and password, then hit the “sign-in” link to access your account.

Coinbase Login problems

One of the problems that account users encounter while trying to access their account, is loosing access to their coinbase account email address and forgetting their account password.

This you are having any of this problem during login, there’s good news for you, the good news is that coinbase has made provision for solutions to the login problems.

Login issues are part of the problems account owners encounters if they can’t remember their login credentials. The section beneath will put you through on how to recover your email address and password.

How To solve your account email address problem

You can gain access to your account email address either by using the two-factor verification or via SMS. You can use any of these depending on the account protection method you are using.

For account with two-factor verification protection

  • Visit coinbase sign-in screen at
  • Login with your previous email address and password.
  • Enter your two-factor token
  • If you are prompted to verify your new device, select “I no longer have access to my email address” tab.
  • Filloutyournewemailaddress, you will receive a verification message in your email.
  • Presson the link in the email you received.
  • Type in your two-factor verification code
  • Select your ID type.
  • Finally wait for 48-72 hours, as you wait, make sure you have access to the mobile number on your account.

For an account with SMS Protection

If your account is protected by SMS, this is what to do.

Scroll to coinbase account registration screen to create another account with a different email address

  • Provide a phone number
  •  verify your phone number
  • If possible, Input and verify the same Bank account and credit card data you previously used.
  • Upload a photo ID
  • contact coinbase agent, when you finish the above steps.

How To Recover Forgotten Password

  • Move over to the login platform, you
  • Click on the tab that says “forgot password” it will take you to the password recovery page
  • Key in your email in the correct field.
  • Then tap on the “Reset password” tab and follow the prompt.


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