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Comdata MasterCard, is designed specifically cater for over-the-road fleet owners, owner-operators, and truckers, which helps to solve their unique business needs, This card, is issued by Regions Bank. With Comdata MasterCard, you can enjoy universal acceptance on both the Comdata and MasterCard networks. This is part of the Comdata MyFleet program, which is designed specifically to meet your unique needs. MyFleet program, offers access to funds, savings, capital and compliance solutions your fleet requires to get ahead.

Comdata MasterCard

Fleet Owner Benefits

  • As a fleet owner, you get spending controls which you can use to easily manage credit transactions also,
  • Fleet owners have access to secure single-card solution for diesel fuel maintenance and also get preferred discounts at leading fuel merchants and thousands of independents nationwide.

Comdata MasterCard Driver Benefits

  • Drivers, get fuel at thousands of locations nationwide and also at the Comdata proprietary network and at any location where Mastercard is accepted.
  • As a driver, you also enjoy cover maintenance needs with near universal acceptance on the MasterCard network.
  • Get also immediate access to company advances as a driver.
  • You can also enjoy the benefits of the industry’s most trusted payment method for scales and tire purchases as a driver.



  • Get Fuel Discounts
  • Offers Maintenance & Repairs
  • There’s Fuel Spend Optimization
  • CAT Scale Weights
  • AscendTMS


  • Credit Accounts
  • Pre-funded Accounts
  • Factoring Services.

Keep Complaint

  • IFTA Tax Services
  • Tax 2290
  • Permits
  • Licensing Services
  • ELD Technology
  • Pilot Car Services.

Find Loads

  • Uber Freight.

How do I apply for Comdata MasterCard?

  • Scroll to
  • Fill out the following personal details in the first step of the application, Legal business name, Contact name, Street address 1* (PO Boxes or Mail Service Addresses are not acceptable values), City, State, Zip code, Email address, Confirm email address, Phone number, Mobile number , # of Trucks and # of Drivers.
  • Thereafter, tap on the “Save &  Continue” link.

How do I activate my Comdata MasterCard?

You can use the following mediums to activate your Comdata MasterCard.

Online Activation

  • To activate your card online, scroll to Comdata activation page
  • Then tap on “Click here to register”
  • Key in also your card number and your activation code, the activation code, is your nine-digit social security number.
  • Thereafter, tap on “Next”, and follow the prompts to complete your card activation.

Telephone Activation

To activate via phone, call the toll free number (888) 265-8228, and hook onto the automated service, which will guide you thru the activation process.

Once the activation process begins, you are to type in your card number and the activation code, this activation code, may be your date of birth, Phone number, employee number or the other code provided by your company.

What login details do I need?

All you need is your User ID.

How do I reset my Comdata MasterCard PIN?

To reset your Pin, call at 1-888-265-8228 and request a PIN reset. Once the agent completes the reset, follow the prompts to activate the new Pin number, and get detailed instructions on how to set a PIN on the materials that comes with your card.

Comdata MasterCard Customer Service Number

Contact the customer care unit, by calling (800)282-7496, for further inquiries on the card.


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