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Corrlinks is an online webmail service used to communicate with friends and loved once in prison. This service runs like other mail servers, it is nothing but a quick means of getting in touch with your friends and family members in prison. So instead of communicating with your loved ones via mobile phone call, it’s best to use the corrlinks inmate email system for your communications. Why did I say so? Corrlinks email platform is cheaper when it comes to communication and it offers a fast email service also.


About Corrlinks

A private organization that operates the federal prison inmate system, which inmates use to communicate or send emails to their friends, family and other people that are not in prison. Thus, this inmate email is owned by the Federal Bureau of Prisons in the United States of America

The service was founded in the year 2008. Foran inmate to gain access to this corrlinks, it will strictly depend on the person’s crime. So the prisoner’s crime is what will determine if they will allow them to use the email server or not.

The platform now launches an easy to use mobile app that will help users use the corrlinks services with their compatible devices. You can always email your loved ones without using the online platform, with the corrlinks app on your device you are good to go.

Register with corrlinks

To create your own corrlinks account, you can do that online or via an app.  So to set up an account online, you have to visit their official website while the register using their mobile app, go to the apps or play store to get the app and from there to sign up. In this, I will only show you how to sign up online using your Web browser.  Note; You must receive an invitation code for you to be able to create an account, once you’ve got the invitation code to proceed with the steps below.

basic account registration steps

  • Open your mobile phone or computer browser and type in the following URL
  • From the official site, click on the “register” tab to begin the registration.
  • On the new page, provide the required information in the blank spaces.
  • Fill out the invitation code you received earlier on the appropriate field
  • Navigate and press the “Next button. Wait for your account to be approved. With this amazing sign, u steps you will be able to connect with your family, friends, and others using corrlinks.


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