Corrupted Hard drive/ how to fix in few minutes

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How can I repair corrupted Hard drive? Stay focus, because answer to this question is detailed in this write up. For HD to be corrupted it might be because of the faulty CPU fan, which will make your computer over heat that result to hard drive damage. It can also be due to unsafe ejection or power failure.

corrupted hard drive

How To know Your Hard drive is corrupted

below are symptoms you will see and you will know your hard drive is corrupted.

  • When a message pops up, prompting you to format your hard drive
  • If you hear strange sounds while using your hard drive
  • When your hard drive property shows 0 bytes
  • If you can’t read your external hard drive. and lots more.

Basic tips for repairing your corrupted external Hard Drive

You can try a different computer, because the problem might not be from your HD rather your system, to confirm this, the steps below are for you

Try the HD on another PC

  • To reinstall your HD on the original PC
  • Go to “My PC” right click.
  • Tap “Device manager”.
  • From the menu display, find the name of your hard drive and right click on it
  • Select “uninstall” widget
  • Un plug your HD and restart your computer
  • Plug in hard drive again and it will be installed

Try to Change the disk name

  • Go to PC and right click
  • Tap “manage”
  • Pres “disk management” widget
  • Right tap on your HD name
  • Choose “change drive letter and paths” link
  • Select the “letter”
  • Click on “change” tab
  • To confirm Click “ yes”

How To Recover Data from corrupted hard drive

Before you begin to repair a corrupted hard drive, it’s advising, you regain your useful information, because you might loose then while performing a repair. You can download recovery tool like AnyRecover

  • Download ,install and launch Any Recover,  at
  • Select “All-Round Recovery” tab
  • Locate the name of your corrupted hard drive and Tick
  • Scroll down and Click on “next” button
  • Navigate to select the files you want to retrieve, otherwise, tap on “all files types” tab
  • Pres on “Scan” link
  • When Scan is complete, then, all scanned files will be displayed, choose the files you want to regain, and tap on “Recover” widget

Outstanding Ways You can repair your hard drive

Will be disclosing numerous ways you can fix you corrupted HD, simply, follow the directives below

Repair Corrupted Hard Drive with CMD

  • Open command prompt by pressing on “Windows +R”
  • Key in “cmd” in the box
  • Type in “chkdsk F:/F”
  • Click on “Enter” Key.  Note ; your HD name is represented by the first letter “f” while the other “F” shows the errors fixing state

Check your HD for system Errors

  • Progress and open your PC
  • Right click on the HD
  • Select “properties”
  • Go to “tools”
  • Then, tap on “check” widget

To check the HD condition

  • Hold on “Windows +R” Keys
  • Enter “cmd” in the box to display cmd Windows
  • Key in “wmic”
  • Click “entering”
  • Type in “disk drive gets status”
  • Pres “Enter” button

Fix with control panel

  • Click on “start” button
  • Move to the right corner of the page, then select “control panel”  tab
  • Navigate and tap “system and security”,  select “action Center”
  • Tap on “maintenance” widget
  • Click on “Run Scan” tab
  • Pres “restart” button

Fix Using File Manager

  • Go to “file manager”
  • Select your HD name
  • Right click on you HD name
  • Click “properties” tab
  • Move to “tools”
  • Pres “check” button
  • Tap on “repair this drive” widget


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