Covid-19 Updates – Covid-19 | Updates on Covid-19 Reported Cases and Affected Countries

Do you want to get the Covid-19 Updates? Recently all the nations of the earth are battling with the deathly infectious virus known as Coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19). Daily people are seeking for Covid – 19 Updates. However, everyone is admonished to be health-conscious, stay in isolation, maintain general health routine including washing of hands regularly and keep social distance while the cure is on the way.

Covid-19 Updates

Covid-19  Updates

Daily news on Covid-19 Updates keeps spring up. These Updates are on areas, nations that are being affected so far. To give out adequate knowledge of all necessary information about this deadly infectious disease. The WHO International and other World health Agency give out daily updates on this pandemic. In this article while we see Covid-19 Updates let’s get to know more about Covid-19.

What is Covid-19?

Covid-19 infectious disease is caused by Severe Acute  Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). This disease originated from Wuhan, China’s Capital Hubel province in 2019. Thus, it has spread globally, bringing about the present world pandemic. Covid-19 Updates shows that the disease symptoms are as follows: cough, fever, difficulty in breathing. Other symptoms include sore throat, loss of smell, muscle pain, Sputum production, diarrhea and abdominal pain. However, these symptoms are quite similar to that of cold.

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Currently, the Coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting 200 countries and territories across the globe and two International Conveyance: the Diamond Princess Cruise ship harbored in Yokohama, Japan, and Holland America’s MS Zaandam cruise Ship.

Updates on Covid-19 Reported Cases and Affected Countries

On a daily basic new updates on this infectious diseases and pandemic as declare by WHO keeps increasing. Presently, the statistics of infected cases and death cases keeps rising. Most countries have recorded thousands of death cases and several infected cases. Below are the names of countries, the estimated number of confirmed infected cases and number of death cases.

  • Albania has about 185 cases and 8 confirm death cases
  • Algeria over 408 cases and 26 deaths
  • Afghanistan has recorded about 108 and 4 deaths
  • Andorra has 265 cases and 3 deaths
  • Angola has about 3 cases
  • Antigua and Barbuda have recorded about 6 cases
  • Argentina has over 689 cases and 17 death roll
  • Armenia has recorded over 326 cases and 1 death
  • Australia has about 3,140 cases and 13 death cases
  • Austria has recorded over 7,695 cases and 58 death cases
  • Azerbaijan has over 164 cases and 3 death cases
  • Bahrain have recorded over 465 cases and 4 deaths
  • Bangladesh has recorded over 47 cases and 5 deaths
  • Bahamas has recorded over 8 cases
  • Barbados has recorded over 25 cases
  • Belarus has recorded over 92 cases
  • Belgium has about 7,280 cases and 289 deaths
  • Belize has recorded 1 case and no death
  • Benin has recorded over 5 cases and no death
  • Bhutan has recorded over 2 cases and no death
  • Bolivia has over 73 cases
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina have recorded over 235 cases and 4 deaths
  • Bulgaria has recorded over 290 cases and 3 deaths
  • Burkina Faso has over 1 case and 9 confirmed death
  • Burma has over 7 cases
  • Brazil has recorded over 3,475 cases and 92 confirm deaths
  • Brunei has recorded over 113 cases and 1 death
  • Cambodia has over 98 cases no death record
  • Canada has over 4,759 cases and 56 deaths

Other Affected Countries with Covid-19

The updates on other countries who have recorded cases of the Covid-19 cases are;

  • China has recorded 81,945 confirmed cases and over 3,299 deaths and Hong Kong has recorded 273 cases and 4 deaths
  • Columbia has 538 confirmed cases and 6 deaths
  • Costa Rica has recorded 262 cases and 2 deaths
  • Denmark has recorded 2,198 cases and 52 deaths
  • Croatia has recorded 585 cases and 3 deaths
  • Czech Republic has about 2*278 cases and 9 deaths
  • Dominican Republic has recorded over 580 cases and 20 deaths
  • Ecuador has recorded over 1,625 cases and 41 deaths
  • Egypt has confirmed cases of about 535 and 30 deaths
  • Estonia has over 574 and 1 death
  • Finland has recorded over 1,040 cases and 7 deaths
  • France has recorded over 33,410 cases and 1,997 deaths
  • Germany has recorded over 50,870 cases and 351 death cases.
  • Ghana has recorded over 135 cases and 4 deaths
  • Greece has recorded over 965 cases and 28 deaths
  • Hungary has recorded over 298 cases and 10 deaths
  • Iceland has recorded over 889 cases and 2 deaths
  • India has recorded over 900 cases and 20 deaths
  • Indonesia has over 1,045 cases and 87 deaths
  • Iran has recorded over 32,330 cases and 2,370 deaths
  • Israel has recorded over 3,033 cases and 12 death
  • Ireland ha over 2,120 cases and 22 deaths
  • Italy has recorded over 86,495 cases and 9,134 deaths
  • Japan has recorded over 1,499 cases and 49 deaths.
  • I’m Japan a total of 712 persons were quarantined on the Diamond Princess Cruise ship harbored in Yokohama and we’re tested positive for COVID-19. Seven out of the 712 died.
  • Kazakhstan has recorded over 147 cases and 1 death
  • Kuwait has recorded over 223 cases.
  • Lebanon has recorded over 390 cases and 6 deaths
  • Lithuania has recorded over 355 cases and 5 deaths
  • Luxembourg has recorded over 1,602 and 15 deaths

More Affected Countries with Covid-19 Cases

Knowing the virus has been spreading like wildfire and as a result, there are more countries with Covid-19 cases. they are as follows;

  • Malaysia has over 2,160 cases and 26 deaths
  • The Netherlands has over 8,640 cases and 547 deaths
  • Norway has over 3,770 cases and 19 deaths
  • Pakistan has over 1,370 confirmed cases and 11 deaths
  • Panama has recorded over 785 cases and 14 deaths
  • The Philippines has recorded over 800 cases and 54 deaths
  • Poland has recorded over 1,385 cases and 16 deaths
  • Portugal has recorded over 4,265 cases and 76 deaths
  • Romania has a record of over 1,290 cases and 24 deaths
  • Russia has recorded over 1,035 cases and 4 deaths
  • Saudi Arabia has recorded over 1,100 cases and 3 deaths
  • South Africa has recorded over 1,160 cases
  • South Korea has over 9,478 cases recorded and 144 deaths
  • Spain has over 65,719 cases and 5,138 deaths
  • Sweden has over 3,065 cases and 105 deaths
  • Switzerland has recorded over 12,920 cases and 231 deaths
  • Thailand has over 1,130 cases and over 6 deaths
  • United kingdom has recorded over 14,700  cases and 761 deaths
  • The United States of America has recorded over 104,680 cases and 1,711 deaths
  • Venezuela has recorded over 110 cases and 2 deaths
  • Zimbabwe has over 4 cases and 1 death.

Above are the estimated statistics on the Covid-19 as of March 2020. Individuals are advised to keep proper hygiene and keep social distancing. however, we wait for a possible antidote and total cure to this infectious disease.


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