How To Create An Infographic in Few Minutes

Creating an Infographic is very easy. infographic is simply a clear graphic visual representation of knowledge.  It’s the best way of passing a message across, with the Piktochart tool you can create beautiful and outstanding Infographics, whether you have artistic skills or not.

Create An Infographic

Steps To Create an Infographic

I recommended the Piktochart tool because it’s very easy to use due to the flexibility options and it offers variety of templates , all you need is to create account with Piktochart

Sign up with Piktochart

  • Go to
  • Click on “sign up” widget
  • Key in your full name, email address, and password
  • Tap on “create account” tab

Login and choose a theme to create Infographic

  • To access your account, Search for
  • Enter your email and password, Tap the “sign in” button
  • Select “Infographic” from the option shown on the dashboard
  • Use the search box to browse for your desired template
  • Click on the template you want to use, and tap the “use template” link

To Configure Your Canvas

  • If you want to add a new block, simply tap the “Add block” widget represented with a “plus” sign
  • Click on “delete block” with the (X) sign, to delete a block
  • To rearrange the blocks you can, Press the “arrow pointing down or pointing up arrow”
  • Select the “clone block (=)” sign, to duplicate a block
  • If you want to arrange a block size, click the “settings” button

Edit Content to Create an Infographic

  • To edit your content text Click on the “text box” twice
  • Use the editing “toolbar” to change the fonts size, types, colors, and alignment
  • If you want to add another text box, go to the left panel and press on the “text” tab, and select your type

Add graphics Using Drag and Drop

  • Click on the “graphics” widget, located at the left panel
  • Select  your desired category and search for the photo you want to add
  • When you locate the photo, drag and drop it on the canvas block
  • Configure your icon Color and size with the right tools on the toolbar

To Insert Charts, maps, and videos on Infographic

  • Tap on the “tools” tab on the left panel

Insert a chart

  • Choose “charts”
  • Select chart type
  • If you want to add data, three ways you can do that are, to import data from a locally saved spreadsheet, input data manually from the spreadsheet, or addcomplex data through the Google spreadsheet link
  • Tap on the “settings” button, to configure the color and format
  • Press “insert chart” and it will be added to your canvas

Insert a map

  • Select the “maps” option
  • Choose the country
  • Click on the “Map and border color” tab, if you want to change the color
  • Tap “insert map”

Insert a video

  •  Choose “video” from the options
  • Browse for Vimeo or YouTube URL  in the search box
  • Tap “insert” link

Save and export an Infographic

  • Navigate to the top of the editor and select the “save” widget
  • Click on “download” to access your Infographic on your local drive
  • Tap on “share” to public
  • You can set it to, private or public, depending on what you want
  • If you want to share with your family and friends on social media, select the “social media” icon


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