The Best Things Credit Card Mobile Apps Has to Offer

Credit card Mobile Apps are very important when it comes to managing your account on the go. You can quickly view your balance, make bill payments and redeem rewards right from your hand.

The Best Things Credit Card Mobile Apps Has to Offer

While most major card issuers provide mobile apps, not all would be created equal. American Express ranks among the highest in U.S. credit card app satisfaction, with a score of about 886 – which is about 21 points above the average 865, according to the J.D power 2020, U.S Credit card mobile app satisfaction study.

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Credit Card Mobile Apps

An annual study has shown measures of overall satisfaction on mobile app navigation, speed, visual appeal, and information/content. Bank of America (874) and Chase (873) follow American Express for second and third place respectively.

The ranking of a mobile app works hand-in-hand with customer satisfaction scores. Amex also takes the top spot in customer satisfaction among national issuers (838).

What to Look for in a Credit Card Mobile App

If you are in the market for new credit, it’s a good idea to consider the features included in the mobile app that would allow you to get key account information at a glance and make payments at any time.

Here I would be giving you an overview of what to search for in a credit card mobile app, which includes features measured in J.D. Power’s Study:

Easy Navigation

Mobile apps have a lot of information, so it’s important that there’s clear navigation so you know where to get the info you need. Buttons that take you to the rewards, payments, and security pages are helpful for navigating.

Fast Speed

A mobile app would offer you quick access to your account, not long delays when your account, not long delays when you are accessing your information.

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Visual Appeal

While it’s not essential to have an app that would look pretty, it can help if the card issuer has images or graphics that easily display key information. Card issuers often show card art, as well as graphics to explain the rewards you earn or your credit score.

Key Information

The Mobile app would offer you clearly more display information about your accounts, such as balance, due date, minimum payment, and interest rate. All of your transactions and statements should be easily accessible also.

Rewards Details

If you have a reward card, it can be annoying to log on to your online account to redeem rewards. A mobile app that shows your current rewards earnings, and allows you to redeem your cash back, points, or miles is convenient.

Safety and Security Features

Consider if your card issuers are offering the ability to freeze/lock your card right from inside the app. This feature can save you the hassle of calling customer service and protect your account if your card ever gets lost or stolen. To add, it is quite helpful if you can set alerts for bill due dates and transactions right from inside the app.

Straightforward Payment Options

It should be easy to pay your bills and you would know just how much is due. The app also should have a simple way for you to enroll in autopay.

The next time that you search for a credit card, consider if the mobile app offers these features. You can speak to a customer service representative or read online reviews for you to see what’s offered.

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