Credit Cards In UK : Reviews on Credit Cards in the UK

Credit Cards In UK? Lots of banks, credit providers, or financial institutions offer credit cards, which makes them highly recognizable. With these cards, Cardholders will be able to pay for items with the intention of paying back later, with or without an interest charge.

Thus, most of these card comes with rewards while some don’t, some offers free annual fee while some don’t. This means that, as the card’s names are different so are their features.

Credit Cards In UK

However, in the UK there are plenty of banks that offer credit cards. If you’re looking for one, this article will help you with the list to top CC in the UK. So make sure you read to the end. 

Credit Cards In UK

Below is the list of CC in the UK

  • Aqua Classic Credit Card
  • American Express Cashback Credit Card
  • American Express Cashback Everyday card
  • Capital One Classic
  • HSBC student credit card
  • NatWest Credit Card
  • NatWest student CC

American Express Cashback Card:

There are lots of amazing features and benefits which include rewards after making purchases. Cardmembers get Cashback when they make their first purchases with the card.  To get the card you will need to visit their main page, then follow the instructions on the homepage.


  • 5% cashback on eligible purchases in your first three months
  • Cardholders earn up to 1.25% Cashback on qualifying purchases
  • Get purchase, refund, and travel protection with the card.

Aqua Classic CC:

This card is good for people who want to improve their Credit


  • Offers 48-day interest-free period
  • Provides text reminders so you don’t miss your payment.
  • It helps you improve your credit history if you manage your account
  • Quality customer service.
  • Following a Free aqua credit checkers

American Express EveryDay Credit Card:

the Everyday card comes with amazing rewards for cardmembers. In the first three months, you will earn up to 5% on eligible purchases, and either 0.5% or 1%.


  • Members enjoy 5% Cashback on qualifying spending within the first three months of account opening.
  • Get purchase protection with your card.
  • Members also get refund and travel protection
  • Offers priority invites and tickets to shows and events.

Capital One Classic:

capital One Classic is offered by Capital One bank. It helps individuals with bad credit build their credit history.


  • Enjoy amazing online account management
  • Perfect for people with bad credit
  • Helps to build your credit history.

To get the card, visit their portal, locate the sign-in button, and follow the prompts.

HSBC Student CC:

HSBC Student CC is available for people with HSBC student bank. It comes with some benefits and features which includes

  • A competitive annual percentage rate
  • Cardholders manage their account with online banking
  • Get 24 hours customer service assistance
  • Free annual fee

Kindly visit their website to apply.

NatWest Credit Card:

NatWest CC is a low rate card. Comes with no fee for balance transfers.


  • Provides a competitive APR
  • Free balance transfers fee
  • Cardholders get to manage the card using online banking.

So, if you’re interested in the card, kindly visit their official page and apply.  Visit

NatWest Student CC:

NatWest Student CC is issued by NatWest Bank. The card is made for people in higher education that are new to credit.  Check out the benefits and feature below

  • Offers 56 days interest-free on purchases
  • Cardholders get both email and text reminders.
  • Enjoy online and mobile management of your card.
  • You can use it at MasterCard locations

To apply for the card, kindly visit their official website.

Barclays Credit Cards

Barclaycard platinum visa CC  offers 18 months 0% interest on balance transfers and also 18 months free interest on purchases.

Barclaycard Rewards CC is one of the cards issued by Barclay bank.

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