Credit Score Apps shows you the current position of your credit score that is build by expert. The app helps you see your scores and monitor  your credit. However, the question here is that, Are credit score Apps safe? In attempt to answer this question from Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions (FACTS ) in 2013, consumers that uses the to check their credit scores attest that the app is secure and has an SSL encryption.


Almost everyone has a credit score, monitoring yours to stay up to date is vital. In this article we shall explore a few free apps that is suitable for your mobile device (iOS, Android) they will be of assistance to monitor your score, make any necessary corrections when necessary and also get alerts on any changes on your report.

Credit Karma

Credit Karma for now has remain the best known service that allows you access to your credit score reports free from the three credit bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion) Experian is the major bureau. Credit Karma reports 100% free credit scores and full reports. The apps notify one for any important changes to your credit report and if in case you observed any errors, all you need to do is to file a dispute straight from the Credit Karma APP. The app is well organized and it display the summary of how your credit score looks like and all the accounts that are being reported and connect to your score. To get this app get to playstore Web page to download

Credit Sesame

This a app also shows you your score on important credit factors. Check g of credit score with credit Sesame is free, get to check your score and also track your progress. It has nice design and plenty of Features and gives a comprehensive report. It allows for free checking on your credit score using the VintageScore model from TransUnion. Users also get a credit score report card, letter grades given for history of payment, credit usage and credit age, including the usual account change alerts. They have a borrowing power features (My Borrowing Power) features project. It shows how much credit one may access based on your present score and account information. The tools also recommend mortgage rates, refinance options and credit cards.


Experian is one of the major credit bureaus, it has its own credit score app. The Experian credit score app provides your score, and update in every 30 days. Additionally, details on your credit card account activity, outstanding debt and how your credit card activities affects your  score. It’s easy to operate just swipe through the account bubbles to see your data. They do not disturb with frequent alerts.


It is a major most commonly used score that shows your creditworthiness. A more complete look at your credit on the go. With my FICO app you can view your FICO score  and credit reports, get credit alerts 8 updates and more all in your Android phone and iPhone as long as you have the app. However, myFICO shows you your present FICO score across the other three credit bureaus and other credit activities. The apps delivers push notifications when there is  important changes in your reports such as increase or decrease in your score or a new inquiry. It requires subscription for its monitoring services of your score and receiving of reports at a fee of $29.95 per month.


Capital One has made this app for everyone not only it’s company’s banking customers only. The app shows a weekly update of your TransUnion VantageScore 3.0 and it includes extra features such as a credit simulator that demonstrate actions including paying off of debt and how it could affect your score. You’ll be given suggestions that can improve your credit score along with the industry-standard alerts for important changes.

It must be noted that, users checking up on their credit scores using any of this app does not in any way affect their credit scores, rather it helps you learn more on the activities that goes on your score. It is call a “soft inquiry”  and not a “Hard pull” typically takes place when you apply for a new credit card, a loan, or a mortgage. There, checking on your credit score does not affect your score. 

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