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Database In Access/ How do I Create One

Database In Access is simply an organized collection of information or data for quick access. Creating one is not difficult, follow the directives revealed in this write up.

Database in Access

Ways Of Creating a Database in Access

  • Create using a blank database.
  • Through a template from
  • You can use a template installed with Access

How To Create A Database with A Template

A template is a prepared to use database that have all forms, tables, queries and reports that will be used for task. Also, templates are in diverse forms, there are once you can use to manage contacts and also track issues. Therefore there’s an already defined data structure embeddedin the template.

Create using a template

  • Open database
  • Tap on the “file” button
  • Select “close”
  • A new tab appears with different templates
  • Navigate and choose the kind of template you want for this task. Note; You can download an extra template if you want.
  • A “file name” will be displayed on the box, you can as we change the name if the one given by Access did not suit you.
  • If you desire to save the database in another folder apart from the folder shown below the “file name”Click on the “folder” icon and search for the your preferred folder, then Press on “Ok” button
  • Navigate and click on “create” tab. In most templates forms are displayed for data to be keyed in.  But if there’s a sample data on your template, you can remove it by taping on “record selector” widget, then go to the “home” tab, select “Records”, and press on “Delete” icon
  • To Key in information or Data, select the first cell onthe form without a content, then start to enter your data

How To Create A Database in Access Without A Template

When you don’t want to make a Database with a template, all you need is to buildtables, forms, reports and lots more.

Create an Empty Database

  • Move to the “file” button
  • Tap on “new” widget, then Press on “blank database” tab
  • In the “file name” bar,  Key in a file name, to use another location different from the default, tap on “Browse for a location to put your database” link, when you find your desire location, click on “Ok” tab
  • Click on “Create” button, then include your data in the “click to add”

Add A table

  • Still on the create page, go to the “tables” group, then select “table” icon
  • Choose the first blank cell in the “tap to add” column
  • Move to the “fields” tab, select “Add & Delete” button, then choose the field you desire, you can as well Press on “More Field” incase you can’t find the one you want.
  • When you select the field you want, it will be added to datasheet
  • You can start to add information in the empty cell
  • If you want to rename a field, double-click the “column header”,  then Key in the new name
  • If you want to move a column, clickon the header, then select the column and drag it to your desired location.

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