You probably have heard about the dating app through Facebook. It happens to be the most trending topic of discussion recently amongst Facebook users. Tons and tons of users are asking to know more about this app and how it works. This has prompted me to write this article. Although the Dating feature has not been rolled out to every country. Those who can access it in their country are already taking advantage of it to their own benefit. Thus, I will be shedding more light on all that you need to know about the Facebook dating app.

Dating App Through Facebook - Dating on Facebook App | Facebook Dating Site Free

Dating App Through Facebook

The Dating feature is one rolled out by Facebook recently to enable users to meet and connect with potential partners. In order to build and develop rewarding relationships that could lead ultimately to marriage. It is an app that can be accessed using the Facebook official app by users who already have a Facebook account or those who are willing to sign up for one. Facebook in no way charges users for using the platform, which is common with other dating sites, thus users who are looking to find true love can actually find one for free.

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If you are looking to find true love, then you should try this out. Because not only will you find love, but you will find it for free. This is actually a welcomed development by Facebook, so many single people spend hours on end on the Facebook site. Thus the addition of the dating feature can actually help them find love while engaging on the Facebook platform.

How Does Dating App Through Facebook Work?

If you are already a Facebook user, all that you need to do, is to access the dating feature on your Facebook page, as there is no separate Facebook app. If the app is rolled out in your area, you will find the heart or love icon at the top of your Facebook page. Once you click on this icon, you will be required to log in using your username and password. Then Facebook will prompt you to create a profile that is quite different from your normal Facebook profile from the questions you are asked. While you are creating your profile, Facebook allows adding up to nine people who you have a secret crush on or people who you would love to be matched with to your list.

Facebook Secret Crush

If any of the people you add as your secret crush also add you as their secret crush, Facebook will notify both of you that you have a secret crush or an admirer. If on the other hand, someone you added as a secret crush does not add you like one, Facebook will not notify the other party, that you added him/her as a secret crush.  After your profile has been created, note, that your Dating profile is quite different from your normal Facebook profile, and Facebook will not suggest your Facebook friends as a match, unless you added them as a secret crush. Rather Facebook uses the ‘Secret Crush’ feature to match users with potential mates, judging from their shared interests.

Once you have been matched with someone, all you need to do, to start a conversation or get noticed by the other party, is to like or comment on their profile or comment. If on the other hand, you do not fancy who you are matched with, you are free to just ignore the match and pass on to the one you like. Now for those countries that the dating feature is available, Facebook users can only access the feature if they have the latest version of the Facebook official app. So if you do not have one, I am willing to show you how to download one. Here we go:

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How to Download the Latest Facebook App

Downloading the latest Facebook app is quite easy. Below is the procedure to download the latest Facebook. They include:

  • Open your app store.
  • Look for the Facebook app
  • Click on Update
  • Once the app has been updated, click on the Open option.
  • Hit on the menu icon from the top of the Facebook platform for Android operations or on the bottom of the Facebook app for iOS operations.
  • Then you will sight Dating or a Love icon from the menu option if the feature is rolled out to your country.
  • Download the Facebook mobile app from your app store. Either from Google Play Store or from the App Store.

With the above procedure, downloading the latest Facebook app will be easy.

How to Create a Dating Profile via the App

After you have downloaded and installed the latest version of the app, you can now comfortably create your dating profile through the Facebook app. It’s quite simple, come with me as I show you the steps you need to take. To set up a profile:

  • Tap to open Facebook application
  • Click on the menu icon from the top of the Facebook platform for Android operations or the bottom of the Facebook app for iOS operations.
  • Tap on the Dating or Love icon from the menu option
  • Log in using your profile name and your password
  • Hit on the menu icon from the top of the Facebook app.
  • Then click on Dating or the Love icon from the menu options.
  • You will be asked to create your dating profile, which is quite separate from your normal Facebook profile.
  • Enter the information needed.
  • You will be prompted to add a minimum of about 9 photos. Add questions that other users can answer.
  • There, your Facebook Dating profile is created.

After these steps, Facebook will match you with a potential mate. You can start building the kind of relationship you want. Be it friendship, dating, or even marriage, Facebook Dating through Facebook has got you covered.

However, some users can’t access the dating icon on your device. If that is the case, the dating feature is not yet rolled out to your country. You might need to upgrade your app if your app is obsolete. Also, make sure that the dating feature has been rolled out in your area.

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