Delete Facebook Reviews – Report and Delete Facebook Reviews

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Having negative Facebook reviews?, you can Delete Facebook Reviews that you do not want. If amongst all the reviews you have, you notice that a poor, a defaming review that you do not like or the review that is hurting your five-star overall rating, today I will taking you through all that you need to know about Facebook reviews and how to delete or hide such reviews. I will also be showing you how to delete Facebook reviews, as well as how important Facebook reviews are important for your page.

Delete Facebook Reviews - Report and Delete Facebook Reviews

Delete Facebook Reviews

Reviews can have a big impact on your business’s success regardless of the kind of service or product you are offering. This is because when people talk about your business it has a way of attracting others to listen. Now, having a bad review(s) will not in any way do your business any good. Now it’s important as a business that you garner online reviews because people really want to get opinions on whether or not they should trust you with their money and reviews act as a catalyst for these. Now before, people will trust your business, most of them will read 10 or fewer reviewers before they actually commit their money to you.

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Now as much as you want positive 100% reviews, most times it does not happen that way. Some negative reviews just have a way of popping up where you don’t want them to be, and this can cost you positive reviews you have built over time. As disheartening as this might be, you have a way of removing or handling these reviews, to stop it from wrecking all that you have worked for.

How to Delete Facebook Reviews Section

Even after you have succeeded in removing those negative reviews, your review section will be left empty, because you will not have positive reviews to show either if the standard of your services does not meet the customer’s demands. If you don’t have any positive reviews, it means people may not be patronizing your product because you have nothing to show and people have nothing to read. However, if you want to remove all negative reviews, you have to get rid of the entire reviews section from your Facebook page. Now, this may not be the best option to take since reviews add flair to your business. Be it as it may, I will be showing how you can remove the reviews section from your Facebook business page. To remove the reviews section:

  • Visit your Facebook page.
  • Tap on ‘Settings’.
  • Tap on ‘Edit Page’ in Facebook settings.
  • Navigate down to ‘Reviews’ and tap on ‘Settings’ close to it.
  • Scroll the slider to OFF.
  • Then tap ‘Save’.

Understand that disabling your reviews does not delete them, it just hides them. Anytime you decide to enable your reviews again, the same reviews will still come back up.

How to Delete Negative or Fake Facebook Reviews

Now if you don’t want to remove all the reviews from your Facebook page and want to delete the bad or fake/spammy reviews, we regret to say that for now, such an option does not exist. Thus you cannot choose which reviews you delete. Even though this might be frustrating, the positive reviews you get still has a way of helping your business. Once you keep up offering top-notch business services and keep your customers satisfied in time you will not need to eliminate negative reviews. This will also make your customers see your business as a credible one since you did not try to hide the negative reviews, as most fake and frauds do. Having one or two bad reviews won’t bury your business after all you don’t expect everyone to like your business.

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How to Report a Facebook Review

Facebook also gives you the option of reporting a fishy review to Facebook, to enable you to investigate whether or not it should be taken down.

  • Scroll to the review.
  • Tap on the ‘… ‘ at the upper right-hand corner.
  • Tap ‘Report Post’.

With these steps, you can report Facebook reviews on your account.

How to Manage Facebook Reviews

Even though you can’t just remove the bad reviews, and reporting reviews might not be effective for you, your best option for handling your company’s Facebook image is to learn how to properly manage and reply to Facebook reviews. Now if a customer leaves a positive review, it is advised that you at least ‘like’ their review, and then possibly thank the reviewer. Doing this will encourage them to continue speaking highly of you.

You should also still respond to negative reviews rather than allow them to die out. Responding to negative reviews gives you the platform to apologize, and also gives you the chance to give your own side of the story if it is necessary. Handling your negative reviews with wisdom helps your customers know that you are honest and can take responsibility. This will show that you have great customer service also.

If you want to use positive reviews to your advantage, we advise that you promote them. You can promote these reviews and make them outshine the few bad ones As long as you keep offering good services and keep asking your happy customers for positive reviews, the bad ones won’t matter anymore.

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