Deleted text message on my iPhone/How do I Recover it?

Deleted text message on iPhone can be easily regained, maybe you mistakenly deleted a relevant text message on your iPhone or you might have lost your phone.We here to help you out with the process of retrieving your text message.

Deleted text messages

Ways to recover your deleted text message

  • Via iCloud backup
  • Recover text through ICloud
  • Through third-party recovery tool
  • ITunes backup

How To Recover text message Via iCloud

Verify if the messages in iCloud is toggled On on your phone. Take the following steps to verify it

  • Tap on your iPhone settings icon
  • Click on your name
  • Select “iCloud” icon from the menu and then move down to check if it’s On.  If it’s enabled it means you get the message back through iCloud Backup

How To Regain deleted text message through iCloud Backup

When your iPhone backs up to iCloud it possible you get back the text. And if you are restoring you iPhone to a previous point, every new effects such as, photos, videos, text messages etc, on your phone after that particular period will be cleared.  Follow the steps below to check the last time iCloud backed up your device

  • Open your iPhone settings tab
  • Tap on your “name” located at the top of the screen
  • Click on “iCloud” icon
  • Move downward and Press on “iCloud Backup” to turn it On. After you have turned it on, look down to see the last time backup happened. If the recent backup took place with the period you lost your text message.

To restore your text

  • Go back to your settings homepage and then click on “General” tab
  • Select “reset” widget and then click on “Erase All content and settings” button
  • Tap to confirm
  • After erasing.You will sign in to your WIFI network then a fresh page appears where you will be given option to restore your iPhone from a backup
  • Choose restore from backup
  • Select from your last backup

How To Retrieve text with iTunes Backup

If you backup your iPhone to iTunes with your computer. Is very easy to recover your message back. So the first thing to do is to check the last iTunes backup

  • Open iTunes on your computer
  • Go to the menu bar and select “preferences” tab
  • Click on the “devices” widget and then it lists out all the recent backup with its date
  • Tap on “restore backup” widget to get your message back. And if this option you select is grayed out  try to change backup preferences from iCloud to computer

Restore Deleted text messages on iPhone with Third-party App

There are some third-party app that can help you regain the text message you deleted on your iPhone.  I recommend Gihosoft iPhone free Data Recovery for you to download .  But theirs no guarantee because it’s success is depends on the Maker .


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