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Desert Financial Credit Union is a federally insured and chartered Arizona’s largest credit union. It is based in Phoenix, Arizona and offers personalized service, low rates and financial solutions for people in Maricopa, Gila and Pinal. DFCU operates 47 branches and service centers and manages $4 billion is assets as at March 2017. DFCU has as it’s CEO Jeff Meshey (27 Jan 2017), 1,100 number of employees and was founded in 1939, and driven by its mission, shares it’s financial success because it believes it’s the right thing to do for it’s members, community and team.

Desert Financial Credit Union

About Desert Financial Credit Union

DFCU was originally known as Arizona Educational Association (AEA)  #1 Federal Credit Union and was chartered in 1939 to cater for the financial needs of area teachers. The credit union was rebranded in 1972 to Desert Schools Credit Union to better define it’s niche market. 1996, saw the union expanding it’s charter to serve three counties in Arizona and disregarded vocation as a membership qualifier.

Desert Schools Credit Union was renamed in 2018 as Desert Financial Credit Union, to address the misconceptions that it still only served members of the education community. The rebranding was prompted during a commercial aired locally during Super Bowl LII, which featured Phoenix native Alice Cooper and playing upon his 1972 song “School’s Out”.

DFCU in 2019,  bought the naming rights to the Arizona State University arena and renamed same to the Desert Financial Arena, with the agreement costing $1.5 million per year for 5 years.

Who Can Join?

DFCU currently serves approximately 350,000 members and admits individuals who live, work, worship, or attend school in the following Arizona counties.




Additionally, family members of current or eligible members also stand eligible to join.

Services Offered By Desert Financial Credit Union

DFCU offers a range of financial products, which includes;

Mortgage Loans

Direct Deposit

Internet and Mobile Banking

Savings &  Checking Accounts

Savings Certificate


Home Equity Loans

Business Loans

Consumer and Business  –  Platinum, Bonus, and Bonus Rewards Plus Visa Credit Cards

Vehicle and Watercraft Loans

Direct Deposit

First Mortgages.

DFCU Community Involvement

This credit union donates an average of $5 million annually to local charities and causes. DFCU employees also donate and volunteer in the community on a regular basis. To further give back to the community, the credit union in 2018 established the Desert Financial Foundation as their first nonprofit entity. Halfway through 2018 DFCU donated $6.27 million out of a goal of $7 million for the year.

Desert Financial Credit Union Near Me

To find a DFCU near you do the following;

Head over to

Scroll to the “Search by city and state or Zip code” field.

Here you can either search by city and state or Zip code or better still view all locations where they have Desert Financial Credit Union.

If you need a credit union that gives back, think Desert Financial Credit Union who is mission driven to give back by sharing success with its members, community and team.


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