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Dish network cancel? You don’t know how to cancel your dish network satellite service, don’t worry with few steps in this write up you will get it done and dusted. Thus, you just need to place a call across to them, But before calling dish network specialists, there are you need to perform.

dish network cancel

Dish network

Before writing on dish network cancelation, is good to know what dish network is all about. Dish Network is a satellite provider in the US. It has great features which make viewing TV shows and movies fun. The Hopper3DVR is used for recording. Thus, it’s recording ability is like that of an Amazon.

It offers a JoeyTV connector, that lets you connect multiple TV to their Hopper DVR. For people who have extra television at home, you don’t need to get another Hopper DVR.So with the joey connector, you will get all your TV connected.

How To Cancel dish network Service

Before you proceed with the quest of canceling your dish network, you have to be 100% sure you want to cancel it.  This is because, when you contact an Agent, they might want to convince you to remain, so you have to prepare your self.

Get your account details –Locate a copy of your recent bill or original customer agreement. Check your service address, phone number, account number and service start date.  Write them down on a paper and also take note when talking with the agent on phone.

Read the fine print – this is for people who want to get out of an early termination fee.

Place a call –call an Agent at 888-283-2309 for US residents. But to temporarily suspend the service you can dial at 888 – 876- 7918

State what you want – tell whosoever that picks up the call that you want to cancel the account.

Make sure you arrive at a conclusion on the equipment return box– clarify with the Agent that the equipment recovery box will be sent to you.

Package the equipment and return it – you will see the menu of the items to be found inside the box. Just ensure everything is complete and properly placed. After packing, attach the return label on the box and send it back to them. Thus, you have to make sure that the delivery service picks up the box within 10 days of account cancelation date to avoid extra charges.

Dish network customer service

For more information and help you can call a representative at 800 333 3474


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