Dish Network packages – dish network packages channels

Dish network packages are plans that come with the dish, each package has a list of channels attached to it. Thus the highest and most interesting channels are embedded in the more costlier package.  You will get the details in this article.

dish network packages
dish network packages

What is Dish network?

Dish Network is a direct broadcast satellite provider in America. However, it offers the best value in television, two years price guarantee and outstanding customer support. Dish offers amazing channels that you would love to watch, no need of having doubt, you’re in the right network. Thusyou will find variety of channels in dish network, in which customers can sit at home and find their favorite channels. It can also run with google assistant and Amazon Alexa.


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Dish packages

Dishnetwork has four packages that customers can choose from. These packages varies in price and at the same time varies in channels availability.

How to choose a dish package?

Consider the price, the best quality package is costlier than other packages. You have to go for the one you can afford. Also consider your TV tastes when choosing. Check for the one that has your favouritechannels before.

Dish network packages channels

the packages come in four different network plan such as the following

  • America’s top 120- Top120, is the cheapest among dish packages it hasabout about 190 TV channels
  • Top120+ has up to 190+ channels. The price is higher than the package mentioned above
  • America’s top 200 comes with 240+ TV channels
  • Top 250 packagecomes with 290+ channel.Thus the most expensive of them all, with amazing channels you can’t afford to miss.

The channels available for all packages

The following are the local networks every dish package is embedded with

  • Fox,
  • ABC,
  • NBC
  • CBS
  • HGTV
  • plus ESPN
  • Disney Channel.

However, most amazing channels are found in the more expensive packages. Thatis to say, the package you go for determines the type of channels you will receive. Take for instance channels like MTV classics, Bloomberg TVandother outstanding channels, you can find them in the most expensive channel which is America’s top 250.

Dish network login

If you want to access your dish account, take these steps

  • Go to your browser and Search for
  • Look for the login section and type in your online ID and password
  • Click on the “log in” tab.


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