Does eBay Accept PayPal – Buying on eBay with PayPal | PayPal Payment Option | Linking PayPal to eBay

So many people are involved in online shopping, buying items online and there are people who do ask this question “Does eBay Accept PayPal”. For those of us that are still asking this question is eBay accept PayPal, the answer is yes. eBay is an online shopping platform and almost all the online platform do accept payment in PayPal. As an online shopper on the eBay platform, you can use your PayPal, credit card, or debit cards in place of payment on the eBay shopping platform.

Does eBay Accept PayPal - Buying on eBay with PayPal | PayPal Payment Option | Linking PayPal to eBay

Does eBay Accept PayPal

eBay is one of the best online stores, where you can shop all your collections. Shop and sell clothes, electronics, cars, collectibles, and more on eBay is the world-leading marketplace that brings millions of buyers and sellers around the globe together. As eBay customer, you want to find out if it accepts PayPal as a payment method? Yes, eBay accepts PayPal as its payment method. Discover more about PayPal and how to use PayPal in the eBay marketplace.

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I believe we all do know what eBay is. eBay is an online shopping platform not just for shopping also for marketers to market or sell their products also on the platform. It is based in San Jose, California which precipitates consumer to consumer and also business to consumer marketing within the site. eBay is a platform where you can find whatever you are looking for, like shoes, clothes, bags, electronics, and so more. If only you have to access the site, you can start shopping with the platform with your Paypal account logged in.


PayPal is an online payment system. It boasts over 200 million active members in 190 countries. The service is accepted by multiple businesses across the globe, it runs as a payment method for lots of retailers. PayPal provides a fast, easy, and secure way to send money to individuals or merchants. It supports the following currency, Australian dollar, euro, Czech Koruna, Brazilian dollar, Japanese yen, Danish krone, Mexican peso, Newzealand dollar, Philippine peso, pound sterling, Swiss franc, Thai baht, US dollar and many more.

eBay Accepting PayPal Payment

Shop at and use any of PayPal payment options to pay for the items you bought. You can choose to pay using your PayPal credit card, cash, debit card, your link bank account, etc. to find out how to buy items on eBay and pay using PayPal.

How to Buy on eBay and Pay with PayPal

To shop at eBay online marketplace, follow these steps.

  • Enable your network connection.
  • Get your Smartphone or pc.
  • Launch your browser, and head to the eBay website eBay.
  • eBay homepage will open next. On their homepage, search for the category of the item you want to buy at the top of the page. When you select the category, go ahead and find the item using the search tool located at the top of the page. Alternatively, you can scroll through the screen, and then select the items you want.
  • Find the cart and add the items into it.

As we all know, that after selecting items to buy the next steps are to pay for what you want to order. Learn how to pay for items on eBay in the section below.

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PayPal Payment Option

With PayPal, get more eBay payment options. These options include credit card, debit card, PayPal cash or cash plus balance, bank transfer, and a credit line. After placing your order on eBay, on the checkout page, simply select any of the above payment options to complete your transactions. Let’s see how to pay on eBay with PayPal payment option.

How to Pay on eBay Using PayPal

You need to have a PayPal account before you can be able to pay for items at using PayPal. If you don’t have the account, do not worry I will give you steps to follow to create one in the section beneath. But before that, I would want us to take a look at how to pay for items, after shopping online.

  • Still at the eBay site. Select what you want to buy and add to the cart.
  • Tap on buy now tab, it will open a new screen to review your purchase. The total will include the shipping cost, so if you’re ok with the price, tap on the continue button.
  • Provide your address information and your mobile phone number for verification. After the verification click on the continue widget.
  • On the new page key in your payment details. To pay using PayPal, click on the login button, provide your login credentials, follow the prompts to complete your transactions.

If you don’t have a PayPal account you will not be able to sign in to make payment. To register for an account, read the next section.

How to Create a PayPal Account

You can register for an account using PayPal mobile app or via their website. If you know that you don’t have a PayPal account, you can quickly create an account using the guidelines below.

  • Create an account via the website – open your computer browser and search for the URL PayPal. Click on the ‘get started’ or sign-up tab on their main page. Select between a business and a PayPal account. Then fill in your personal data and follow the onscreen guide to complete the registration.
  • Create an account via the app – the first step is to download the PayPal app on your Smartphone. Launch the application. On the next page, tap on the registration widget, type in the required information to complete the sign-up process.

Note that before you can use PayPal payment, you must have a PayPal account and with the steps above you can create one for yourself.

Linking PayPal to eBay

The following instruction that I will be listing down here is the steps on how you can link your PayPal account to the eBay platform.

  • Log in to your eBay account and then click on “My eBay” above the homepage.
  • Tap on the account option.
  • Choose the PayPal account link, you will find it at the left side of the page.
  • Tap on the “Link my PayPal” account option.

After carrying out all these steps, you will be asked to log in to your PayPal account. You just have to log in to your account and when you are done that is the end. When next you are shopping with your PayPal, you don’t need to log in to your account but by clicking on the PayPal payment and click on your PayPal account.

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