Does Safeway Have a Credit Card – Review On Safeway

Does Safeway have a credit card? This seems to be the question on the minds of so many users who shop at Safeway.

Does Safeway Have a Credit Card

Does Safeway Have a Credit Card?

To answer this question, let’s put it this way. Safeway does not issue its own store credit card to customers, but rather offers a Safeway Club Card, which entitles members to enjoy all their special money-saving promotions.

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Payment Options Accepted at Safeway

Customers who frequent the Safeway shop can use cash, debit, credit, or whichever futuristic payment method is accepted at Safeway to shop at Safeway stores.

Safeway Club Card Cost

The Safeway Club Card is offered free with no fee charged.

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How to Save with Safeway Club Card

Sign Up for Safeway Club Card

Start by signing up for a Safeway Club Card, which is your ticket to discounts and sales at your local Safeway store. Just sign up, and attach your phone number to your account to avoid carrying your card.

Join Safeway Just for U

Just for U is Safeway’s hub for digital coupons, which alerts you when a product is on sale. All you need to do is register and link your account to your Club Card to save coupons before you go to the store. With the Just for U Club Card, you can get discounts at checkout, which enables you to save.

Earn Safeway Gas Rewards

 Once you register for Safeway Gas Rewards, you earn one point per every dollar you spend in the grocery store or at Safeway’s pharmacy. You get two points per dollar spent, when you buy retail gift cards at Safeway, then save at the pump.

Immediately you’ve earned more than 100 points, you get a 10-cent-per-gallon discount, and when you achieve 200 points, you get 20 cents off per gallon. From here on, you can start earning again for your next fill-up and track your progress using the Safeway app. You can earn gas rewards at the following participating gas stations, Sunoco, Chevron, and Texaco.

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Stock Up to Save

 Search for two-for-one, two-for-$4, and two-for-$5 sales, to tap into Safeway’s generous discounts on multi-item packages. You can also win big with a deal, like 10-for-$4 on Safeway’s house-brand yoghurt

Safeway Pharmacy

Offers a $25 Safeway store gift card when you transfer your prescriptions from another pharmacy or bring your new prescription to Safeway. You can also get a prescription stamp card. You can also fill five prescriptions, and redeem your stamp card for a $50 Safeway store gift card. Safeway also offers a 10% coupon to active and retired military personnel who show their ID card at the pharmacy.

At the Liquor Store

Customers, can mix and match spirits and wine and save 10% when they purchase six items. Take advantage also of the buy one, get one free deal on select brands.

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Earn Cash Back with Ibotta

 With Ibotta, you can easily earn cashback on groceries. Just search the Ibotta app for rebates as you make your shopping list, then verify your receipt, as you get home with the goods.

Safeway Customer Service

Contact Safeway Customer Service at There you would find all the necessary details you need to contact Safeway Customer Service.

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