Does USAA Offer Concealed Carry Insurance?

Owning a firearm comes with great responsibility. You need to be well-trained, follow all applicable laws, and make safety your top priority. Another crucial consideration for concealed carry permit holders is insurance. A good policy can protect you financially if you ever need to use your weapon in legal self-defense.

Does USAA Offer Concealed Carry Insurance?

In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at concealed carry insurance. What coverage does it offer? Why do you need it? And is USAA a reputable provider option? You’ll get answers to all of these questions and more as we dive into this important topic.

About Concealed Carry Insurance

Concealed carry insurance is a specialized policy designed specifically to protect firearm owners. Here’s a quick rundown of how it works:

  • Covers your legal fees if you are sued for using your weapon in legal self-defense. Attorneys can cost thousands per day.
  • Pays for civil damages awarded against you in a lawsuit related to justified use of force.
  • Provides bail bond coverage if you are criminally charged after a self-defense shooting.
  • Optional policies help pay for psychological support services. Being involved in a shooting can be extremely traumatic.

Despite what some may think, concealed carry insurance does NOT cover criminal or intentionally illegal acts. The coverage only applies when you responsibly use your firearm for legal protection.

Why Concealed Carry Insurance is Critical

You may be wondering why concealed carry insurance is so important. After all, if you act lawfully to protect yourself, everything should work out fine, right? Unfortunately, that’s often not the case without this vital coverage.

Even straightforward cases of self-defense can get extremely complex in today’s lawsuit-heavy environment. Families of the criminals often file civil suits even when the prosecutor determines they did nothing criminally wrong. These cases can drown you in massive legal expenses and financial judgments.

Concealed carry insurance helps by covering the costs of defending yourself against frivolous lawsuits so you don’t go bankrupt. It provides crucial protection that every responsible gun owner needs today. Don’t put your family’s financial future at risk!

Introducing USAA as a Premier Insurance Provider 

Answering the question “Does USAA offer concealed carry insurance“, will be a big Yes, USAA provides dedicated coverage for concealed carry permit holders.

USAA stands for United Services Automobile Association. Originally founded in 1922 to provide affordable coverage to military members, USAA now serves over 13 million total members. They offer a wide range of insurance and financial services.

So, what makes USAA stand out from other insurance carriers?

A few key advantages include:

  • Strong reputation for customer satisfaction and claims service
  • Competitive pricing, especially for members with military affiliation
  • Convenient online account access and policy management
  • Highly rated for financial strength and ability to pay claims

USAA is large enough to wield influence but still maintains outstanding customer service. The company earns very positive reviews year after year.

Specifics of USAA’s Concealed Carry Insurance 

USAA offers a dedicated concealed carry insurance policy to its members.

The coverage provides:

  • Up to $150,000 for legal defense against civil & criminal lawsuits
  • Access to expert pro-gun attorneys for your defense
  • Up to $50,000 for civil damage judgments
  • Up to $50,000 bail bond coverage
  • Optional psychological support benefits

One unique advantage is that USAA will advance payment for legal fees as they are incurred instead of reimbursement. This prevents finances from being a barrier to mounting the strongest possible legal defense.

Comparing USAA to Alternate Carriers

As concealed carry insurance grows more popular, more insurance companies are introducing products. Two other large insurers with dedicated offerings are Second Call Defense and CCW Safe.

USAA holds up very well when compared to these carriers. They have higher maximum benefits than Second Call and are rated higher by third-party financial analysts than CCW Safe. Pricing is competitive as well – USAA offers some of the lowest premiums for similar coverage limits.

That said, there are dozens of concealed carry insurance options available today. Weighing the pros and cons of different carriers based on your personal preferences is prudent. Key factors like pricing, reputation, coverage details, discounts, etc. can vary.

Analyzing the Fine Print  

Whenever you purchase insurance, reading the fine print is essential to know exactly what you are paying for. Here are a few key areas to pay attention to with USAA’s concealed carry policies:

  • Coverage Limits – We touched on the caps per category already. Ensure limits align with your preferences. Also, confirm if there is an overall aggregate cap.
  • Deductibles/Copays – Very low or even no deductibles make financial sense. Ensure any copays required to access benefits like psychological support are affordable.
  • Premiums – Account for any discounts you qualify for as a USAA member. Consider optional add-ons you may want as well.
  • Exclusions – Know activities not covered such as brandishing or participating in mutual combat. Using firearms while intoxicated is also commonly excluded.
  • Cancellation – Check if there is a waiting period after signing up before you can file claims. This varies by state.

Applying for Coverage with USAA

To qualify for concealed carry insurance from USAA, you must be a current member. Membership is open to:

  • Military personnel – active, retired, honorably discharged veterans, officer candidates
  • Immediate family of USAA members

To sign up:

  • Browse insurance options and select concealed carry liability protection during your USAA application
  • Provide details about your carry permit, firearms training, shooting experience, etc.
  • Review customized policy quote and coverage confirmation
  • Pay initial premium to activate coverage

Once approved, you can access your full policy details and manage payments through your online member account.

What Actual USAA Members Say

Beyond the marketing material and informational websites, what do actual USAA members think about the concealed carry insurance they offer?

Feedback from policyholders is overwhelmingly positive:

“After comparing many providers, nobody could beat USAA’s prices and reputation. I’ve had the coverage for 3 years with no issues whatsoever.”

“Top-notch customer service – very knowledgeable reps who own firearms themselves. My claims adjuster was extremely helpful when I switched to carrying guns.”

That said, a few members have expressed frustration with long wait times when phoning USAA support. However, most are very satisfied with the online account access and fast response to questions submitted through the portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve covered a great deal of information on concealed carry insurance and USAA’s offerings so far. To wrap up, let’s address some quick commonly asked questions:

Does concealed carry insurance encourage firearm misuse or negligence?

Absolutely not, as policies explicitly exclude criminal/negligent activity. Coverage only applies to lawful self-defense shootings.

Can I still be sued/bankrupted even with maximum coverage limits?  

It’s possible. But insurance minimizes this risk substantially by providing a robust legal defense fund and paying judgments against you.

What training documentation does USAA require for underwriting approval?

Signed certificate proving 6+ hours of firearms safety/use training. Some states mandate less, but all strive for responsible owners.


Responsible concealed carrying requires more than just a handgun and a permit. Insurance protection should be part of every permit holder’s regimen.

USAA offers top-tier coverage backed by outstanding customer service. For military families or veterans, they are an obvious choice to safeguard financial futures. Even if not eligible for full USAA membership, review their policies in depth – they set the “gold standard” for concealed carry insurance in America today.

Stay safe on the range, follow all laws diligently, and consider getting covered. Welcome your right to concealed carry properly prepared. Your future self will thank you.

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