Dosh Cash back app – How to use dosh cashback app

Dosh Cash back application allows you to link your credit or debit cards in other to earn money back when you buy participating stores and restaurants. As you buy items you need, eat your favorite food in these participating merchants, you will earn discounts. So when you download the app and link your card you will get a sign-up bonus. What are you still waiting for?  Get the app and start shopping.

Dosh cash back
Dosh Cash back

About Dosh

Dosh is simply a network with amazing cashback for members. It offers special deals to members to encourage them and also make them shop more within the app. Thus the network lets you purchase at stores near you and then receive amazing cashback. It makes sure that the vital information about their member is properly guided. So with dosh cashback, your security is sure.

Features of dosh Cash back

  • You can securely link your cards to the account
  • It has multiple online stores and restaurants. So users can buy at online stores and restaurants as well.
  • Has amazing Cash Rewards for users. They can earn cash back on online purchases with your link card, when they invite a friend to sign up and more.
  • Transfer money to Bank accounts with ease.  You can send the money you earn to your bank account and PayPal.

How does dosh cash back work?

Sign up for an account in dosh and then link your credit and debit card with the account, login to your account and make purchases, so, as soon as you make purchases and pay with the card you linked, you will automatically get up to 10% discount and it will be forwarded to your account wallet.

Members can also earn an extra $5 referral bonus, this bonus comes only when you refer a friend to join.

How To use dosh cash back app

If you want to Partake in the amazing features this app carries, the first thing to do is to download the app, so to install the app on your phone, go to the Play or App Store

Connect your cards to dosh, to enable you to get offers

Shop online and in-store, book travel and dine out with your card at participating merchants.

Dosh sign up

  • Visit the registration page at
  • On the page you will see a form at the center of the page, fill in your first name, last name, mobile contact, and email address.
  • Scroll down and Tick to accept you’re not a robot
  • Tap on the “submit” widget.


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